Compliment vs Complement. Learn with Mind Tricks

Compliment vs Complement
These words are homonyms. They spell very similarly but different meaning. Let's explore more about them.

Compliment vs. Complement. Learn with mind tricks

What is the meaning of Complement ?
As a verb, complement means to add to something in a way that improves it or makes it more attractive.
As a noun, complement means a thing that adds new qualities to something in a way that improves it or makes it more attractive.
Grammatically, compliment is a word or phrase, especially an adjective, or a noun, that is used after linking verbs such as be and become, and describes the subject of the verb: I need water, or He become salesman. In these sentences, water and salesman are complement.
Complement in sentence:
  1. I need sugar to complement the sweet.
  2. The bride and the bridegroom complement each other.

What is the meaning of Compliment ?
As a verb, compliment means to say nice things about someone or something; to praise or admire. 
As a noun, compliment means a remark, expression or an action that says something good about someone or something.
Compliment in sentence:
  1. Judge complimented me on my dance performance.
  2. I received a nice compliment yesterday.
  3. I'll take that as a compliment.

Adjective of compliment is tricky. Complimentary, an adjective form of compliment, means to express praise for someone or something, like complimentary remarks for a work; Now tricky thing is that it can also mean something given for free. For examples: 1. The company is giving complimentary ticket. 2. Employers were given a complimentary basket of dry fruit on occasion of Independence Day.

Mind trick: How to memorize.
Complement can be easily memorized with the help of verb complete, as both words origin from the same Latin root "complere" that means fill up.
Compliment can be memorized with the help of "i". Keep in mind the sentence "Compliment-with i-is something that i like to hear", as compliment means to praise, admire.
Compliment can also be memorized with word praise as both have i.

In a nutshell
Complement can be a verb or noun. As a verb, it means to add something to something else.
As a noun, complement means something that is added.
You can memorize the word with the help of word complete.
Compliment, as a verb and noun, means to say nice things and a positive remarks or actions about someone or something.
Compliment means to praise, the word praise help you learn the word compliment as both of them have i and e in common.
The adjective of compliment is complimentary that also means given for free.

Choose the correct Synonym for Compliment-
[1] hate
[2] praise
[3] polite
[4] complete

Choose the correct synonym for 
[1] to add to something
[2] to admire
[3] to complete
[4] to deduce

Word which means to praise
[1] compliment
[2] complement

What is the meaning of complimentary?
[1] expressing praise
[2] given free
[3] only option [1]
[4] both options [1] and [2]

Compl_ment means to praise. Choose the correct letter.
[1] i
[2] e

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