Apiary vs. Aviary: Learn them Easily

Apiary vs. Aviary 
Are you one of them who always confuse memorizing the meaning of the words apiary and aviary? If you are, then the post is for you.

What is the meaning of Apiary?
Apiary means a structure or place where bees are kept. The word derives from the Latin "apis" that means 'bee'.

What is the meaning of Aviary?
Aviary is a place, a large cage or building, where birds are kept. The word derives from the the Latin "avis" that means 'bird'.

Mind trick: How to learn the words.
We need a proper mind trick, because we mostly confuse aviary with apiary. 
The mind trick is the word "Aviation".
Most of us are aware of the word aviation, which means related to flying.
Keep in mind: Birds fly, but Bees hover; a bee rarely flies more than 100 feet.
Now see, the word Aviation and Aviary; both of them have the same Latin word, Avi. With the word Avi, you can easily get the idea that both of the word is about flying.
Aviary is a place for birds, we know birds fly, but bees hover. You can learn the word with the help of the word Aviation.
If you get the one word, you can easily get the second, apiary.
Aviary a place for birds.
Apiary a place for bees.

In a nutshell
Aviary a place for birds can easily be memorized with the word Aviation. Both origin from the Latin word Avis 'bird'.
Apiary a place for bees from the Latin word Apis 'bee'.

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