Learn more words using Latin: Roga, or Rog comes from Latin meaning Ask or Beg

Rogation   Arrogate   Abrogate    Derogate Interrogate    Prerogative        Surrogate

    We can learn more words using Latin root; As we can see Rog and Roga are Latin roots that mean Ask or beg. Let us see more such words with latin root Roga or Rog. 


    Rogation (N)  Also Known as Rogation days or Rogation Sunday.
    • prayer, petition; the three days before Ascension Day in the Christian church, during which people traditionally pray for a good harvest.
    Word Root
    The word Rogation comes from Latin roga that means to beg or ask.


    Arrogate (V)
    • to claim, ask, or take something that you have no right to
    ARROGANT (Adj.)
    Word Root
    The word Arrogate comes from Latin prefix ad - to and roga meaning ask. It makes the meaning to ask or to claim.
    1. He arrogated the power to himself.
    2. They have arrogated to themselves the power to changes the rules.


    Abrogate (V)
    • to officially end a law, an agreement, to annul, to abolish
    Word Root
    The word Abrogate comes from Latin prefix ab - away and roga meaning ask. It makes the meaning to ask or order to make something away or end.
    1. Indian should abrogate the treaty with China.
    2. The company's directors are accused of abrogating their responsibilities.


    Derogate (V)
    • to state that something or somebody is not worthy; to diminish, to insult
    Word Root
    The word Derogate comes from Latin prefix de means aside, away, and roga meaning ask. It makes the meaning ask or state somebody not worthy.
    1. Her parents are constantly derogating her.
    2. We should always derogate a wrong person.


    Interrogate (V)
    • to ask the reason, to ask somebody a lot of questions over a long period of time
    Word Root
    The word Interrogate comes from Latin prefix inter - into, inside and roga meaning ask. It makes the meaning to ask into.
    1. Media interrogate about the scams.
    2. The police interrogated him for over 12 hours.


     Prerogative (N)
    • a privilege; superiority; a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group
    Word Root
    The word Prerogative comes from Latin prefix prae (pre) means before and roga meaning ask. It makes the meaning to ask before .
    1. Education was once only the prerogative of the wealthy.
    2. It is a writer's prerogative to decide the fate of her characters.


    Surrogate (Ad.)
    • used to describe a person or thing that takes the place of, or is used instead of, somebody or something else
    Word Root
    The word Surrogate comes from Latin sur, super means over and roga meaning ask. It makes the meaning to ask: to ask somebody to take the position of somebody else.
    1. He could not attend the meeting, so he sent his surrogate.

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