Cannon vs Canon with mind trick

Cannon vs Canon
Yesterday I found the word Canon while studying words in my dictionary. Then I remembered the word Cannon with double n; at first sight I confused Canon with Cannon, and then I quickly released that Canon is also a company producing good quality cameras; it made me curious to know the meaning of this word. So, I decided to write a post with mind trick to differentiate these meaning of the two same looking words.

Canon (N)
According to Oxford, it has many different meanings.
  • a Christian priest with special duties in a cathedral
  • a generally accepted rule, standard or principle by which something is judged.
"Anyone who violates every canon of decency as she has don should be dismissed immediately."
  • a list of the book or other works that are generally accepted as the genuine work of a particular writer or as being important
"the Shakespeare canon"
"the Indian literary canon"
  • a piece of music in which singers or instruments take it in turns to repeat the tune
"a canon of tenor and bass"

The word canon comes from Latin canonicus that means "according to rule" after Greek Kanon meaning "rule".

Cannon (N/V)
  • an old type of large heavy gun, usually on wheels, that fires solid metal or stone balls
  • to hit somebody or something with a lot of force while you are moving
"Dhoni cannoned the bowler while running between the wickets."


Mind trick:
Now we have known the meaning of canon and cannon. Now we know how to memorise their meanings.
Here is the trick:
First, we have to memorize the meaning of canon as we have no mind trick for the first word. However, we need not to worry as we have the mind trick for the second word cannon. 
 We see the word Cannon looks like can non, on dividing the word. Now trick is cannon can make someone or something non existingIf we see the word Cannon, it looks like can non that makes us smell the meaning of the word. 
"Cannon can make us non (dead)."
In a nutshell
If you get confused with canon and cannon then try to remember the number of "n" in both of the words. Canon with single "n" means "rule and regulations"; Cannon with double "n" reminds us the mind trick "can non". Simple.

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