Different from or Different than ?

different from or different to or different than

Most of the writers and their editors belief that different should be followed by only from; they oppose the expression different than or different to.
Let us see more about these structures.

As we all know that the word than is used in comparative sentence, such as John is clever than Sohn. or Team India plays far better than any team I have ever seen playing.
Here, the word than suggesting some kind of comparison.
From is a preposition and it is most of the time used after adjective.

What does Grammarian C. Edward Good say:
The word different is an adjective, but it is not a comparative. As a result, you will find among some stylists a distinct preference for the expression different from. You would say, His car is different from mine, His car is different from the ones I bought last year. Here, the expression is followed by a noun or pronoun.
-> You'll need to use different than, however, when you want to follow the expression not with a noun but with a clause. The word than then severs a conjunction that gets the clause going.

  • This experience was different than he thought it would be.
  • My birthday this year was different than it was last year. If you want to use different from in the last example, you would have to provide a noun or pronoun to serve as the object of from: My birthday this year was different from what it was last year.
So what is the difference ?
The difference between these two expressions is that "different from" requires a noun or pronoun to complete the sentence.
And "different than" requires a clause. (A clause is nothing but a sentence with a subject and predicate.)

Many places we see writers tend to use different expression that is "different to", such as, " The climate of Asia is different to the climate of Europe.
Some grammarians say that "if we can write similar to then why we can't write different to" .
  • The food in India is very different to the food of U.S.A.

In a nutshell
Many Grammar and style books like Garner's Modern American Usages, The American Heritage Book Of English Usage reject the use of different than; they criticize it as incorrect, inferior nonstandard. However, still some Grammarians prefer to use different from or different than accordingly in a sentence, but avoid different to

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