What is the difference between impersonate and personify?

 Does impersonate and personate mean same thing?

No, they don't mean same thing. Impersonate means to imitate and personify means to represent something abstract as a human form.

    What is the meaning of impersonate?

    Impersonate means to imitate or to pretend to be somebody.

    If some impersonates a person, they pretend to be that person, either to deceive people or to make people laugh.

    1. He was caught trying to be impersonate our God.
    2. The boys did a good job of impersonating dance step of Michael Jackson.

    What is the meaning of personify?

    Personify means to depict or show an object or thing as a person. For example, The river was personified as a goddess.

    If you personify a thing or idea, you represent it as a person or a human being.

    What is the difference between impersonate and personify?

    Impersonate means to imitate or pretend to be somebody else.

    Whereas personify means to represent or embody something abstract or inanimate as a human being. 

    Learn the difference with memory trick:-

    The word impersonate is made up of im and persona; im means in , into  and persona means person.

    Hence impersonate means into a person.

    The verb personify has person and -fy meaning "make and make into".

    Hence personify means to make something into a person.

    Extra point:-

    The verb personate can be used in place of both verb impersonate and personify.

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