Cut, Gash, Incision, Slash, Slit

 What is the difference between cut, gash, incision, slash, and slit ?

Gash, incision, slash, and slit all of them mean to cut. However, they are used in different perspective..

Cut is used in almost every perspective.

Whereas incision and slit is used mostly in medical operation. 

Slash means a cut made by sharp object intentionally and violently.

Gash suggests accidental and unintentional cut.

    What is the meaning of gash?

    Gash means a long deep cut in the surface of something

    As a verb, it means to make a long deep cut in something, especially a person's skin.

    1. The knife gashed her finger while cutting apple.
    2. The iceberg made a gash in the ship.

    What is the meaning of incision?

    Incision means a sharp cut make in something, particularly during a medical operation.

    1. Surgeon made a small abdominal incision.
    2. An incision is a sharp cut made by surgeon during operation.

    What is the meaning of slash?

    As a verb, slash means to make a long cut with a sharp object like a sword, especially in a violent way.

    As a noun, it also means a sharp movement made with a knife, or other sharp object in order to cut something or somebody.

    a long narrow wound or cut is also called slash.

    1. A man slashed at me to get my bag.
    2. She tried to suicide by slashing her wrists.

    What is the meaning of slit?

    Slit means to make a narrow cut or opening in something.

    As a noun, it means a long narrow cut or opening.

    1. They watched girl bathing through a slit in the curtains.
    2. He slits the cake with a knife.

    What is the difference between them?

    Cut is the most common word among all of them. A cut may be of any size and may be produced by any kind of instrument.

    An incision is a cut made for the purpose of gaining entry. Incision is mostly used in surgery. It is a sharp cut made by surgeon during operation.

    A gash is a long and broad cut. It is not intentionally but accidentally. If you gash something, you accidently make a long and deep cut in it. 

    • He gashed his hand while playing cricket.

    A slash is a long and deep cut, mostly intentionally to injure with a sharp instrument like a sword or a knife.

    A slit is a long, thin cut mostly for surgery. The word is mostly used in operation theatre.

    As the word incision has "in", incision is for gaining entry into a body whereas  slit means to cut the surface of a body to take out something  harmful for the body, like slit the wound letting the yellow fluid out.

    • Doctor slits the wound to get out yellow fluid.

    Slit can be used in many sense, but incision is used mainly in operation.

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