Faint, Feint, and Feign

What is the difference between faint, feint, and feign?

All three words come from the French word, feindre, which is derived from the Latin word, fingo, which means mould(mold), shape.

    What is the meaning of faint?

    As a verb, faint means to suddenly become unconscious.

    1. She always faints at the sight of blood.
    2. Old man almost fainted from the pain.

    As an adjective, it means very small, not clearly seen, heard or smelt.

    1. Passengers saw the faint outline of the mountain through the mist.
    2. His breathing became faint.

    What is the meaning of feint?

    As a noun, feint means a quick movement that you make to trick an opponent.

    1. The fighter made a feint with his right hand then followed with a left look.

    As a verb, it means to pretend to make an attack as a trick to fool your opponent.

    What is the meaning of feign?

    Feign means to fake or pretend that you have particular feeling or that you are ill, sick, tired, etc.

    1. I used to always feign (fake) illness to get out of class.
    2. She feigned being ill so that she would not go with her.

    Difference between faint, feint, and feign:-

    They look and sound very similar, but they are not synonyms.

    Faint means a sudden loss of consciousness. 

    1. She always faint when she sees blood.

    It also means dim or vague.

    1.  You see everything faint in fog.

    Feint means deceptive move. 

    In sport or military conflict, if someone feints, thy make a brief movement in a different direction from the one they intend to follow, as a way of confusing or deceiving their opponent.

    Feign means to make believe with the intent to deceive.

    1. She feigned that she was ill.
    2. The thief feigned faint.

    According to Collin, If someone feigns a particular feeling, attitude, or physical condition, they try to make other people think that they have it or are experiencing it, although this is not true.

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