Driver vs. chauffeur

 Is there any difference between driver and chauffeur ?

Yes, there is difference between them. One is professional, one is not.

    What does driver mean ?

    Driver is a person who drives a vehicle.

    a bus driver, a taxi driver, a train driver

    In computing driver means  software that controls the sending of data between a computer and a piece of equipment that is attached to it, such as a printer.

    What does Chauffeur mean ?

    Chauffeur is a person whose job is to drive mostly rich people in a car.

    As a verb, it means to drive someone around in a car as a job.

    1. He chauffeurs for ministers.
    2. I was chauffeured to bus station.

    Difference between driver and chauffeur:-

    Driver suggests simply driving a vehicle. It doesn't imply a job title. 

    Whereas chauffeur is a job title. When a driver is assigned for driving vehicle, he or she is called a chauffeur. When you pay someone to drive you around then you have a chauffeur.

    Chauffeur gets paid to drive around in a car. Whereas driver sometimes gets money sometimes not.

    A driver doesn't need any license or experience.

    Whereas a chauffeur must be licensed and experienced .

    A driver only operates a vehicle, whereas a chauffeur not only operates vehicle but also takes care the needs of the passenger in a very professional way.

    In a nutshell:-
    Driver is very common words who drives a car, whereas chauffeur is a professional term  for a driver. 

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