what is the difference between inartistic and unartistic?

 Is there any difference between inartistic and unartistic?

Yes, there is difference; inartistic for living things, like people, and unartistic for things, i.e., paints, photograph or any other art works.

    What is the meaning of inartistic and unartistic?

    Both words mean not artistic. They come from the word artistic, which means relating to art or artists.

    Artistic is someone who is good at drawing or paintings, or arranging things in a beautiful way.

    1. My mom is very artistic; she keeps home very neat and clean.
    2. The décor inside the town is very artistic.

    What is the difference between inartistic and unartistic?

    Inartistic refers to people who has no or less interest in art.

    1. As a writer, my mother is very inartistic.
    2. I don't like art exhibition; I am very inartistic.

    Unartistic refers to things, like, any paints or photographers. Unartistic paints; unartistic writing, unartistic photograph. It means not good at artistic level.

    1. All the decorations was very unartistic on my marriage day.
    2. Your paintings are unartistic.

    According to Garner's Modern American Usage:-

    Inartistic, which refers to people means "lacking in artistic taste; not appreciative of art" < a workaday, inartistic writer of pulp fiction>. Unartistic, which refers to things, means "not relating or conforming to art " <an unartistic photograph>.

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