Beach, Coast, Shore

Is there any difference between beach, coast, and shore?

 All of them refer to the area near water. Shore refers to the land right near a sea or rive, which is also called seashore. Coast refers to the large part of land near a sea or river. Beach refers to the sandy area near a sea or rive.


    The noun coast refers to the area where the land meets the sea. It is also called coastline.

    Coast is used to describe large part of land near a waterbody.


    The noun shore is used for the part of the land that is very near or right at the edge of a river, lake, or sea. It is also called seashore or shoreline.

    Shore is used to describe small part of land right near a waterbody.


    The noun beach refers to the patch of sand and small rocks that touch the water of a sea, wide river or lake.

    Beach is used to describe sandy and rocky area near a waterbody.

    Difference between Beach, coast, and shore.

    Coast is very large geographical area compare to shore and beach.

    The coast may have forest or any others living things inside.

    Beach is a sandy area near a waterbody.

    Shore is the land along the edge of a waterbody


    Extra point:-

    Coast as a verb means to put very little effort into something.

    Beach as a verb means to come or bring something out of the water.

    • They beached thousand of dead fish.

    Shore as a verb means to help to support something that is weak.

    • Superman shored up the falling plane.

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