Gourmet or Gourmand vs Gourmant

 Gourmet or Gourmand vs Gourmant                                                                                                 
The words gourmand and gourmet are noun, and they mean a person who enjoys food. But here is one confusion that may veer you to wrong usage of the words. However, you needn't worry, vocabeasy has a solution.

Meaning of Gourmand and Gourmet with mnemonic

Gourmand (N)
  • a person who enjoys eatings and eats large amounts of food
  1.  Most people behave like gourmand when they attend party.

Gourmet (N/Adj)
  • a person who know a lot about good food and wines and who enjoys choosing, eating and drinking them
  • fine and high quality food and often expensive
  1. Gourmet loves to eat gourmet food.
  2. My wife is gourmet; she knows how to make variety of foods.

Mind Trick:
Gourmand and Glutton both share same meaning and an letter n. An "n" helps you learn what the meaning of gourmand is if you know the meaning of glutton. Glutton means who devours lots of food. The word Glutton helps you guess the meaning of Gourmand and differentiate the meaning between Gourmand and Gourmet because both words Gourmand and Glutton are synonym and share a letter n that is not in Gourmet.
A gourmet is a connoisseur of good food, but doesn't eat so much. With the help of letter e, you can guess the meaning of gourmet that it means connoisseur.
Gourmand = Glutton;  Gourmet = Connoisseur

Beware of the word "Gourmant"
Both words are taken from French word Gourmant that means who eats so much. 
Gourmant is not an English word. Beware of "d" and "t" of gourmand and gourmant respectively.

Words from Vocabeasy
Gourmand means glutton (n present in both words, but not in Gourmet, that helps you remember the meaning of gourmand); Gourmet = Connoisseur (both share letter E in common). And what about the French word Gourmant, I must say just memorise Gourmant with ant is not an english word.

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