Candid vs Candied with Mind Trick

Candid vs Candied
With almost similar spelling, these two words have very different meaning. One stands for sincerity; second, sweetness. Let's see more about these words.

Learn candid vs candied with mind tricks

Meaning of Candid (Adj.)
  • frank, genuine, truthful, straightforward
  • saying what you think openly and honestly; not hiding your thoughts
  • expressing opinions and feelings in an honest and sincere way
  1. To be candid, I love her.
  2. Judges should give candid opinion on the judgement.
  3. He decided that he himself, at any rate, would be perfectly candid and plain.
  4. He gets candid about how he became a success story after a difficult upbringing in rural areas.

Candidly is its adverb.
Thief candidly admitted his crimes.

What is the meaning of a candid photograph?
Ans. A candid photograph is one that is taken without the person in it knowing that they are being photographed. If you have a candid photograph of yours, you don't have any idea when and who clicked the photo.

Meaning of Candied (Adj.)
As an food or fruit that has been covered with sugar or has been cooked in sugar syrup
  1. I love the taste of candied fruit.
  2. Supermarkets and fancy food shops, as well as online sources, sell candied orange peel.
  3. Whenever I see candy, my mouth becomes candied.

Candid vs Candied
Candid is pronounced as Kan-did, and Candied pronounced as Kan-deed, long at e.

Mind Trick:
Candid vs Candied 
Candid looks like the word candle as when candle lights it makes other things bright and clear.Candy(Noun) is sweet food made of sugar and its adjective is Candied. With the help of word Candy you can remind that candied is something sweet.

Words from vocabeasy
Always remember Candle in case of candid, and candy in case of candied.

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