Revere or Severe ? Learn with mind trick

                        Revere vs Severe 
Questions for you:
Mahatma Gandhi was still.................. as the father of the nation.
<1>Revere                          <2> Severe                   <3>Reverie

The victim had ................... brain damage.
<1>Revere                          <2> Severe                   <3>Reverie
If the above questions confuse you then you must read the post.

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Revere vs Severe

Revere (Adj.)
  • to respect somebody or something
  • if you revere someone or something, you respect and admire them greatly.
  1. Mahatma Gandhi was still revered as the father of the nation.

Severe (Adj.)
  • strict, stern, harsh
  • extremely bad or serious
  • Use the word severe to indicate that something bad or undesirable is great or intense
  1. Her injuries are severe.
  2. The company suffered severe losses during the cold war.
  3. The victim had severe brain damage.

Mind Trick:
The trick is very simple; Revere means to respect and Severe means strict, just connect the first letter "R" for Revere and "R" for Respect, "S" for Severe and "S" for Strict.Confusion Ends.
Beware of the word Reverie that means daydream. The i in the word help you know how to get past the confusion between Revere and Reverie as i means imagination or daydream or ability to create pictures in your mind .

Words from Vocabeasy
Just fit in your mind Revere = Respect (both words have "Re" in common), and Severe = Strict (both of the words have "S" in common.)

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