Sweet or Sweat; spelling confusion ? Here is Mind Trick

                     Sweet or Sweat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Last night I was chatting with someone, and wanted to write the word sweet but forgot its spelling: wondering whether it is ee or ea: Is it sweet or sweat?  The spelling of these two words perplex me (perhaps you) many times. Therefore, I decide to create a mind-trick of these two words for you and me so that no one get confused while writing these words.

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Sweet (N/Adj.)
  • food, solid or liquid, containing a lot of sugar
  1. The milk is very sweet.
  2. I like sweets. 
  • as a person means very gentle, kind, friendly, pretty, cute
  1. My mother is very sweet.
  2. I have a little sweet puppy.

Sweat (N/V)
  • sweat is the salty colourless liquid which comes through our body skin when our body gets hot for any reason.
  • drops of liquid that appear on the surface of your skin when you are hot, ill/sick or afraid  
  1. June is the month when our sweat appears most.
  • If something sweats, the liquid that is contained in it appears on its surface
  1. The cheese was beginning to sweat.

Mind Trick:
Often, people forget the spelling of these two words and inadvertently, use the word sweat instead of sweet, or vice-versa.
Here we shall learn the mind trick of the word Sweat:
Sweat comes out because of  Heat; if we see the last three letters of the word sweat, "eat", which match with the word heat. With the help of the word Heat, we can learn the spelling of Sweat as Heat is responsible for Sweat and both of the words last with same letters, i.e., eat.
Automatically, you will learn the spelling of the word Sweet.

Words From Vocabeasy
Whenever you forget the spelling of these two similar looking words, just focus on one word of spelling Sweat. And think how sweat gets produced, and your answer will be hot, heat. Last thing you have to do is just match the words with the word heat; you must get your answer. Confusion Ends.

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  1. Now that you said "Sweat" and "Heat" both have "eat" in them, I'm probably going to still be confused. When I think of "eat", I don't think of sweating, I think of eating Candy or other sweets.

  2. Whenever you get confused just remind the word heat.
    Just remember sweet is dangerous for our teeth. sweet and teeth both have "eet".
    thanks you comment.


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