Contagious or Infectious ?

Contagious or Infectious
Some diseases are infectious and some are contagious. Let us know the meaning of contagious and infectious.

    Infectious (Adj.)

    • capable of being easily spread to the other people
    • an infectious disease can be passed easily from one person to another, especially through the air they breathe
    1. Flu is a highly infectious disease.

    Contagious (Adj.)

    • able to be passed from one person or animal to another by touching
    • capable of being easily spread to others by contact
    1. Chickenpox in a contagious disease.

    Mind Trick- the difference
    Contagious contains the word contact, so we can easily learn that contagious are those things that spread or communicate by contact or touching. Examples are Chickenpox, Ringworm, Skin infection, Measles.
    Any thing or any disease that communicates through air, water, food, or human or animal contact is known as infectious. Virus, bacteria, worm and parasite are infectious agents.

    In a nutshell
    The word infectious is used in a board sense. It can be used as a synonym for contagious but contagious can't be used as synonym for infectious. The word contagious comes under the word infectious.

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