Insidious vs. Invidious (Learn with mind trick)

Insidious vs. Invidious
Not only the meaning of these words is similar but the spelling of these words is similar also. We will learn their meaning, spelling, difference with trick.

Insidious is an adjective.
As word's history suggests, the word insidious comes from the Latin word "insidere" meaning 'lie in wait for' from "in"- on + 'sedere'- sit. Insidious is something inside unnoticed spreading gradually or without being noticed, but causing serious harm, Like a disease that doesn't produce a noticeable effect for months.  Insidious may be some rumors inside the society. 
Insidious may be any disease unnoticed inside your body. 
Insidious may be any negative ideology inside your brain. 
Insidious in a sentence:
  1. Glaucoma is an insidious disease.
  2. There are many insidious effects of polluted water.

Invidious is an adjective.
Unpleasant and unfair; likely to offend somebody or make them jealous.
If you describe an action or a situation as invidious, you mean that it is unpleasant and make you unsatisfied. 
An invidious comparison or choice between two things in an unfair one because the two things are very different or are equally good or bad.
Invidious in a sentence:
  1. But he avoided the invidious comparison with philosophers.
  2. It is invidious to select one of them, for both of them are good candidates.

Insidious vs Invidious: What is the difference ?
Insidious and Invidious both are negative words. Insidious means something that sits inside and waits to attack.
Whereas, Invidious is such an act that makes you jealous and brings a strong feelings of envy.

Mind Trick:
The word insidious contains the word inside; with the word inside, one can guess the meaning of insidious, something harmful sitting inside.
The word invidious has a relation with the word envy. With the word envy(as we know envy means jealous), one can learn that invidious means likely to offend somebody or to make them jealous.

In a nutshell
Insidious means harmful things sitting inside something.
Invidious comments, acts, or comparisons make you uncomfortable and jealous.
Insidious can be learn with the help of word inside.
Invidious can be learn with the help of word envy.

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