3 Words Bequest, Legacy, and Endowment can confuse you, Learn instantly.

Bequest, Legacy, Endowment
Choose the correct word:
I receive a/an ......... from my from grandfather.

Bequest vs legacy vs endowment

Bequest is a noun.
  • Bequest is money or property that you legally give or leave to someone when you die.
Bequeath is its verb.
Bequest in sentence:
  1. The rest of the $413 million Trump gradually received in the form of salaries, profits, gifts, and bequests.
  2. His bequests included a silver supper dish, two cups, four small teaspoons – and a secret that would be kept for centuries.
  3. It is believed to be among the largest bequests to an individual station in public-radio history.
  4. The library has received a generous bequest from many businessmen.
  5. The Pulitzers began in 1917 after a bequest from newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer.

Legacy is a noun and an adjective.
  • A legacy is money or property which someone leaves to you when they die, according to Collins.
  • The word legacy is used for something handed down from one generation to the next. Intangible things, like love, honesty, integrity, can also be legacy.
  • In law, a legacy is something acquired by inheritance, or by a will. In historical terms, a legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. Often it means something handed down from an ancestor or predecessor. -According to wikipedia. 
As an adjective, legacy is used to describe a computer system or product that is no longer available to buy but is still used because it would be too difficult or expensive to replace it. "Old Macbook air is a legacy".
Legacy in sentence:
  1. I got a legacy of love and honesty from my parents.
  2. You could make a real difference to someone's like by leaving them a generous legacy.
  3. The war left a legacy of pain and suffering.
  4. Our country got slavery in legacy.

Endowment is a noun.
  • An endowment is a gift; it may be money that is given to a school, a college or an institution, this money is used to pay for its creation and continuing support.
  • An endowment is also known as a quality or a talent or an ability that you are born with. If you are good in math, you have an mental endowment of calculation.
  • In fiance, an endowment policy or mortgage is an insurance policy or mortgage which you pay towards each month and which should then provide you with enough money at the end of particular period of time.
Endowment in sentence:
  1. We should raise money from university endowments and large family offices in the United States and Europe.
  2. Our school should make an endowment fund.
  3. I have an endowment of running fast.

Difference among Bequest, Legacy and Endowment:
  • A bequest is something given or left to a person or an institution by the will of a helper or well wisher.
  • A legacy is something that is passed by an ancestor or parents, mother or father. It may be transferred by a will(legal written documents) or informally or automatically to the beneficiary.
  • Endowment is something given to a person or institution; it is not after-death gift as legacy, not passed from one generation to another generation. Generally, a rich people or rich businessman give a deserving institution or student an endowment(a sum of money) for paying the costs of infrastructure or education.

In a nutshell
If your father gives his property or any habits to you, it is legacy for you.
If your father gives his property, basically money or anything that has money value, to a person who is not a relative, it is bequest for that unknown person.
If you father gives some portion of his money to some deserving man, that money acts as an endowment for the man.
Legacy includes tangible and intangible thing: money, property, habit, love, honesty and so forth.
Bequest is used mainly for money or anything that has some money value.
The word legacy and bequest are interchangeable in sense of money.

Answer to the question:
Choose the correct word:
I receive a/an ...... from my from grandfather. (Bequest/Legacy/Endowment)

Answer: Legacy is the right word. Bequest can also be here, but legacy is more suitable word here.

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