Careen vs Career (Learn with Mind Trick)

Careen vs Career 
Q. Choose the right word:
He showed a stunt: He ............. (careened/careered) a car on the road.

Careen vs Career, Learn with mind trick.
In the sense of running vehicle, we most of the time get confused  using the words careen and career. We may use both of the words to mean rush in uncontrolled way, but it is not right.

Career is a noun and a verb.
  • As a noun its means an occupation.
  • As a verb its means to move a vehicle fast an in an uncontrolled way.
Career in sentence:
  1. I have a long career(working) in the law.
  2. I saw boys careering a blue car down the rod.
  3. A lot of people careered through the streets.
  4. I careered my bike but still didn't reach the office.

Careen is a verb.
  • Careen means to rush forward in an uncontrollable way.
Careen in sentence:
  1. I love to careen my bike.
  2. Many were found careening their car.
  3. One can found many adults careening their car on the road in Dubai.

What is the difference between career and careen ?
As both of the words mean to rush a vehicle recklessly. However, when a sense of tilting or making something move into a position with one side, we must use the word careen.
If you careen a two-wheeler vehicle, it means you are riding it on one wheel. 
If you careen a four-wheeler vehicle, it means you are riding it on two wheels. 

To careen a vehicle means to tilt it one side.
Whereas, career means to move a vehicle in uncontrolled way. 

Mind Trick- Careen or Career
Careen is taken from French word "cariner"; in 1590s, it is used to mean "to turn a ship on its side with the keel exposed, for inspection, repairs, etc"   

As we can see, the only difference between careen and career is "n" and "r" at their end.
The letters "n" and "r" will help us learn the words.
As we know careen means to turn the vehicle on its side. Careen and to turn have the same letter "n" at their end. It helps us learn the meaning of the word careen: 
Careen =  turning vehicle on its side while running.
Now career, it simply means to rush or to run uncontrollably. Career and to run have the same common letter, i.e, "r". 

In a nutshell
Career and Careen means to rush, but when you mean to rush a vehicle on its one side or tilting it, use the word careen.

He showed a stunt: He ............. (careened/careered) a car on the road.
Answer: the right word is careened.

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