Envelop vs Envelope with Mind Trick

Envelop vs Envelope with Mind Trick

Many of us take as an indication that Envelop and Envelope have the same meaning. This assumption tends us to make errors in our writing.

In this post we discuss the words, envelop and envelope : their meanings, their pronunciation, their usages. Moreover, we learn also how to memorize the difference between the words.
What is difference between Envelop and Envelope?
Envelop is a verb.
Its means to cover or surround something completely.

Envelop in sentence:
  1. It seems that snow has enveloped the whole forest.
  2. That lovely, rich fragrant smell of the forest enveloped us.
  3. Mother enveloped the boy in a large towel.
  4. The mountains were enveloped by mist.
  5. Hossein soon found himself in a large cell, caught in a thicket of limbs and enveloped by the smell of sweat.

Envelope is a Noun.
An envelope is the rectangular paper cover in which one send a letter to someone through the post. It can also mean to be a bag or any wrapper or covering for something.

Envelope in sentence:
  1. Scientists discovered an UFO with envelope of some semi-liquid material.
  2. We have many unknown envelope from post.
  3. He put the letter back in the envelope, slid it into the blue-ribbon pile with the others, then tossed it to me.
  4. Mrs McLaughlan plans to send a blank envelope home with each pupil.

Differences between envelop and envelope:
1. Envelop without "e" is a verb and Envelope with "e" is a noun.
2. Envelop means to cover something whereas Envelope means a paper container to carry a letter or thin package.

Envelop vs Envelope pronunciation:
Envelop is pronounced "en-vel-uhp" or "en-vuh-luhp" with little more pressure on "vel/vuh".
Envelope is pronounced like "ahn/en-vuh-lohp" with little more pressure on "en".

Mind Trick:
With our simple mind trick, we can learn the difference between words with little opposition.
Get the word Envelope that has an "e", we know Envelope means a paper cover; we can see Envelope has a relation with paper, a relation that helps us learn the words: Envelope has pe, paper also has pe. With the help of "pe" we can learn that Envelope means a paper cover. And paper is a noun then Envelope also must be a noun. In this way we learn Envelope with "e" is a noun and Envelop without "e" is a verb. Easy.

In a nutshell
Envelop without "e" means to cover, and Envelope with "e" means "a paper cover".

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