Also, Too, Likewise

Which word should I choose also, too or likewise to say "in addition"

If we search these words in a dictionary it says them synonyms. However, they looks like synonyms but their usages are different in a sentence. 

 In very short also means 'in addition, in a similar way. 
Too means means in addition used for emphasis at the end of a sentence. 
 Likewise means also, in addition, in a similar way.

    What is the meaning of also?

    Also means in addition, in a similar way.
    Also is made up of two words, all and so. So as an adverb is used to show a very great extent or degree, like, I never been so sad. 
    Hence, All + so = Also
    • I saw ghost and my wife also saw it.

    What is the meaning of too?

    Too is an adverb; it means in addition, also.
    It is used at the end of sentence often for emphasis.
    • I saw ghost, and my wife saw it too.
    Too comes from Two.

    What is the meaning of likewise?

    Likewise means in the same way, in addition, or also.
    Likewise comes from two words, i.e., Like and wise.
    • I donate money and encouraged others to do likewise.

     What is the difference between Also, Too and Likewise ?

    Also is the combination of all and so; that combination signifies all in the same manner.
    Also is generally used with noun or pronoun.
    "I donated money, he also did so" also signifies sameness in the whole.
    It means he donated the exact amount of money as I did, the exact manner, the exact situation and so on.

    Too is derived from two. It signifies something added or joined to other thing from its similarity.
    Too is used at the end of a sentence.
    "I donated money, he did so, too" here too signifies he did so in addition.

    Likewise is the combination of like and wise meaning like manner.
    "he did it likewise" signifies that he did the same thing or in the same manner.

    Also is more general term than too and likewise. Also can be used in place of too and likewise, whereas too and likewise can't be used like also. If you want to be more specific, you can use too and likewise in place also.
    Want to be specific about number, use too.
    Want to be specific about manner, use likewise.

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