Pore or Pour, Peace or Piece, Passed or Past, Pacific or Specific

Pore vs. Pour  Peace vs. Piece  Passed vs. Past   Pacific vs. Specific

Let see difference between these words, and learn them with memory tricks.


    What is the meaning of pore ?

    Pore means to examine, to look at something very carefully.

    Pore over something means to look or read at something very carefully. Pore is generally used with over as a phrasal  verb pore over.

    Pore as a noun means one of the very small holes in skin.

    What is the meaning of pour ?

    Pour means to make something to flow.

    1. We pour water into a glass.
    2. Pour the sauce over the pasta.

    Learn difference between pore and pour with memory trick.

    If you examine or read something carefully, you pore over it.

    As we know that pour means to make something out; we connect the word pour with out as both of them have ou .

    Pour means to cause something out.

    If you make a liquid go out of a mug, you pour it.

    What is the meaning of peace ?

    Peace means the state of being calm, quit, and harmony, a time in which there is no war or violence.

    What is the meaning of  piece ?

    Piece means an amount of something that has ben cut or separated from the rest of it.

     Learn Difference between peace and piece with memory trick.

    Peace is the the opposite of war as both of them have a  as common; we can connect peace with war. 

     We know pie is the cut of something;  we can connect piece with pie as both of them pie as common.

    A piece is the part or portion of something, a piece or pie.

    What is the meaning of passed?

    Passed is the past form of verb pass.

    What is the meaning of past ?

    Past as an adjective and a noun means just ended, or thing that happened in an earlier time.

    As a preposition it mean later than something, other side of something or above or further than a particular point stage.

    1. Our employers are past their best.
    2. Unemployment is now past the 3 million mark.


    Learn Difference between pore and pour with memory trick.

    Passed is a verb, whereas past is an adjective, preposition, noun, and adverb.

    Past often means last. With the help of word last we can memories the meaning of past.

    What is the meaning of pacific ?

    Pacific means peaceful, loving peace, calm and quiet.

    Pacific ocean is very pacific.

    What is the meaning of specific ?

    Specific means particular, precise, special, clearly and exactly.

    1. Government wants specific rules to follow.
    2. Wife wants something specific for dinner.

    Learn Difference between pacific and specific with memory trick.

    Pacific means peaceful;  Pacific ocean is very peaceful that is why it is called pacific.

    Specific means particular or precise, and special also means particular. Specific and special looks alike.

    With the help of word special, we can learn the meaning of specific.

    Specific means special.


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