Accumulate, Amass, Collect, Gather, Hoard

 Is there any difference between accumulate, amass, collect, gather, and hoard ?

As they all mean to pick and store in a place. But, yes, difference exits there. 

Accumulate means to store something in large quantities by bringing small quantity.

Amass means to store something by bringing large quantity.

Collect means bringing something together.

Gather means to come together, or bring people together.

Hoard means to keep large amount of expensive thing. It can be illegal sometimes

    What is the meaning of Accumulate?

    Accumulate is a verb. It means to gradually get more and more of something over a period of time.

    When we accumulate things or things accumulate, they come together in a place over a period of time.

    • Evidence of his guilt is accumulating.
    • The police have been accumulating evidence of his guilt.

    What is the meaning of Amass ?

    Amass is a verb, meaning to collect something in large quantities.
    If you amass something such as money or information, you gradually get it in large.

    • Travelling, he has amassed a wealth of experience.

    What is the meaning of Collect ?

    As a verb, collect means to bring things together from different people and places.

    • We collect money for poor.
    • Landlord collects rent.


    What is the meaning of Gather ?

    Gather means to come together, or bring people together, in one place to form a group.
    Gathering of people somewhere means they come together in a group.

    • If one gather things, you collect them together so that you can use them.

    What is the meaning of Hoard ?

    Hoard can be used as a noun or verb. 

    As a verb, it means to collect and keep large amounts of expensive things like, food, money, etc., especially secretly.

    As a noun, it means a collection of money, food, valuable objects, etc. especially one that somebody keeps in a secret place so that other people will not find of steal it.

    • A hoard of old ornaments found near our village.

    What is the difference between Accumulate, Amass Collect, Gather, and Hoard?

    All these words have the definition, "to pile up or bring something together in a period of time". However, their usages vary according to quantity, quality, period of time, and  purpose, like hoarding of something is illegal.

    We will differentiate these words accordingly:-

    Accumulate is used when we mean bringing something  by regular additions in a period of time. Like an ant brings and stores single piece of sugar, and in the end of the day many ants accumulate lots of sugar.

    To amass, however, is to bring together in a large quantity in short period of time. 

    To collect suggests picking or bringing different things in one place.

    Most of the time collect is used to mean bringing money from others.

    Collect and gather can be used in sense when people comes together to form a group.

    Whereas, gather suggests bringing the same things from different places in one place. Gather is used to describe bringing people or something together for some purpose, like many people gather for Hollywood actress.

    Hoard suggests to collect and gather something valuable for the sake of accumulation. It has a selfish desire and suggests secrecy in the process of accumulation.  Hoard is also used to mean save something for future use. 

    • For example, ants hoard food for rainy season.

    What does Google Ngram Viewer say?

    Here is the graphic views of these words from Google Ngram:-

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