There vs Their vs They're; Learn with MInd Tricks

There vs Their vs They're                                                                                         There, their and they're are one of the most confusing homophones that even native English speakers tend to make mistake using them. Now, we have a mind tricks that do not let you make any mistakes.

They're vs There vs Their, Learn the differences with mind tricks

The word there can be used as an adverb, pronoun, noun and adjective. 
As an adverb, there means in or at that place, or in a particular point or matter in an action.
  1. We should be there now. (place)
  2. Soldiers anger was very accurate there. (in a particular situation)
As a pronoun, the word there is used to introduce a sentence or clause in which the verb comes before its subject or has no complement. It also means that place.
  1. There were many snakes in our village.
As a noun, the word there means that state or condition.
  1. I'll introduce you to her, but you are on your own from there on.

The word their is a determiner and the possessive form of they; it means of or belonging to them. It is also used instead of his or her to refer to a person whose sex is unknown. 
  1. Their dogs are very intelligent.
  2. If anyone calls, ask for their number. (sex unknown, their in place of his or her)

They're is the contraction for "they are" with the apostrophe. Its apostrophe indicates that the letter a has been left out.
  1. They're my relatives.
  2. They're are Indians.

When to use them:
  • Use the word there when you want to show a place.
  • Their is used as the possessive form of they, as our is possessive form of we.
  • They're is used as contraction for they are, as it's contraction for it is. You can use either of them.

Mind Tricks: 
There = here inside the word there; there is opposite of here. Here reminds a place.
Mind trick for the word Their : he and i are their sons (
showing possessions). Tricks also help you learn the spelling of the word their.
They're = They + are. The letter a vanishes behind the apostrophe.

Words from Vocabeasy
"They're visiting their best friends there." 
Look at the above sentence, they're is they are (we can easily get it.); their(use the trick: he and i r their sons.) possessive form of they; there (keep in mind there is here inside the word there.)

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