Intimate vs Intimidate, Learn with Mind tricks

Intimate vs Intimidate
The words look very similar and sound very similar; its similarity may make you nonplussed. With the caveat, we have made a trick that helps you learn the words.

Intimate vs Intimidate, Get the meaning with mind tricks.
Intimate (V/N/Adj.)
  • having a close and friendly relationship; if you have intimate friendship with someone, you know them very well and like them alot. If you you are intimate relationship, they are involved with each other in a loving or sexual way.
  • intimate knowledge means very detailed and thorough knowledge.
  • as a verb intimate means to let somebody know what you think or mean in an indirect way; if you intimate something, you say it in an indirect way. 
  • as a noun, intimate means a close friend.
  1. Hitler was an intimate of Mussolini.
  2. He intimated that it would all be over soon.
  3. The result is an intimate, meticulously reported and captivating account of life on the island.
The adjective is pronounced as "in-tuh-mit".
The verb is pronounced as "in-tuh-met".

Intimidate (v)
  • to frighten or threaten somebody so that they will do what you want; if you intimidate someone, you deliberately make them frightened enough to do what you want them to do.
  1. Local leaders were accused of intimidating people into voting for them.
  2. The thought of starting over in a new country is intimidating.

As an adjective, we use the word intimate with the preposition "with", when it means having a sexual relationship with somebody.
"We got intimate with each other."
As an verb the word Intimate is used as Subject + intimate(d); subject + intimate (to somebody); subject + intimate (that)

Sentence pattern: to intimidate somebody into doing something.

Mind tricks
The word intimate comes from Latin intimus that means inmostIf you see the word intimate closely, you find two words there, i.e, "in and mate"; in means private or personal, and mate means friend: very close friend. With a close friend you never say anything directly, you choose to say indirectly.That is why intimate as a verb means to say something indirectly.
Whereas, the word intimidate has the word timid that means not brave, full of fear.
In a nutshell
The word Intimate  has the word mate inside, and the word intimidate has the word timid inside that can help you remember the true meaning the words.

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