Learn to spell words within seconds with mind tricks

Vocabeasy presents an unique way of learning spellings of the English words-Learn to spell words within seconds with mind tricks. After reading the post, you will be surprised to find how easily one can learn English spellings.

Learn how to spell english words with tricks

Abundance    a large quantity that is more than enough
error point-            Abundance
Mind trick-            Foods are abundance at the dance floor.

Grammar    the rules in a language
error point-       Grammar; Most learners inadvertently use e after m instead of a.
Mind trick-       Don't mar your grammar.

Their             possessive form of they
error point-      Their  (Their vs There vs They're)
Mind trick-      he and i r thier sons.

Grieve            to feel very sad
error point-      Grieve
Mind trick-      i grieve for eve (a name)

Ache               to feel physical pain
error point-    Ache
Mind trick-    An ache in chest

Beach                an area of sand near the sea
error point-        Beach
Mind trick-       Beach is the land by sea.

Beech            a tall forest tree
error point-        Beech
Mind trick-        Beech is a tree.

Accident      an unpleasant event
error point-       Accident
Mind trick-       AC Car accident made a dent.

Accommodation      a place to live
error point-              Accommodation
Mind trick-              The accommodations were so small that you  
                            could measure them in cc's (cubic centimeters) or 
                            mm's (millimeters).

Principal      most important, head of school or college
error point-       Principal
Mind trick-       The school Principal is your pal.

Principle   a moral rule
error point-   Principle
Mind trick-   Principle is a rule.

Stationary   not moving, not capable of being moved
error point-        Stationary
Mind trick-        A stationary always stands.

Stationery   materials or any special paper for writing
error point-       Stationery
Mind trick-       A stationery is a paper.

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