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Ramble, Rampant,  Rampart,  Rampage, Ramshackle,  Ramification,  Rambunctious Ramble

Learn anything with fun makes the learning easy. Here we have some words that can easily be remembered with unique mind tricks with help of God Ram.

Ramble (V/N)
  • move about aimlessly or without any destination often in search of food or employment (V)
  • a long walk for pleasure, especially in the countryside (N)
  1. God Ram spent many years rambling in forest with goddess Sita.
  • to talk or write about somebody or something in a confused way, especially for a long time
Mind Trick:
 Ramble sounds like Ram + Bal (in english Bal means force, army "vanar sena"). God Ram with his bal(vanar sena) was moving aimlessly in search of Sita.  Ram was rambling with his vanar sena.

Rambunctious (ram-BUNK-shus)/ Rumbustions (Adj.)
  • boisterous, full of energy in a cheerful and noisy way
  1. Hanuman is a rambunctious soldier in the army of god Ram.
Mind Trick:
Rambunctious pronounces ram-BUNK-shus, it sounds like Ram + Baan (in english Baan means arrow). Ram's baans were so boisterous/ full of energy that it killed all demons in a single shot.

Ramification (N)
  • According to vocabulary.com, a ramification is an accidental consequence that complicates things. Remember that time you borrowed your father's car without asking? The ramification was that Dad missed an important meeting, his company went under, and he had to sell the car. 
  • the act of branching out or dividing into branches

Mind Trick:
When god Ram and his brothers were subdivided ; Ram and Laxman were sent to the forest and the other two brother stayed in the palace. It made the situation so complicated that the King Dasaratha died. In this way, we can learn that subdividing of Ram's brothers and accidental death of his father Dasaratha is a ramification.

Ramshackle (Adj.)
  • (of buildings, vehicles, furniture, etc.) in a very bad condition and needing repair
Mind Trick:
Ramshackle sounds like Ram + shake, when God Ram shaked his body in Lanka, the Ravana's palace and his buildings changed in bad condition.

Rampage (N/V)
  • violently angry and destructive behaviour
  • act violently and destructively, riot (v)
  1. Many students went of the rampage owing to the paper leak.
  2. Several thousand demonstrators rampaged through the centre of the city.

Mind Trick:
Rampage sounds like Ram + rage, rage means extreme anger. God Ram's rage was very destructive when Ravana refused to release the Goddess Sita.

Rampart (N)
  • a high wide wall of stone or earth with a path on top, built around a castle, town, etc. to defend it.
  1. Ram's palace was surrounded by big and large ramparts.
Mind Trick:
Rampart sounds like Ram + Part. God Ram's part was very secured and it was surrounded by high wide wall of stone to defend their people. Ram's part was surrounded by rampart. Ram's part means Ram's kingdom, as part means some portion of a region.

Rampant (Adj.)
  • something spreading everywhere in a way that cannot be controlled
  • (of plants and bush) growing thickly and very fast in a way that cannot be controlled.
  1. Unemployment is now rampant in most of world.
Mind Trick:

You must have heard of Heropanti means behaving like a hero. Same way change rampant to rampanti, or ramraj meaning behaving like God Ram. 
Rampanti is spreading everywhere in the country in a way that cannot be controlled. Rampanti is rampant in India.

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