Savage Or Ravage ! Confused ?

Writers often get confused with these two similar looking words. These words are almost similar not only in word formation but also in meaning. With almost similar meaning, the words Savage and Ravage have confused us so much that it compels us to make mnemonic for them.

 Savage and Ravage and Damage: they are relative.
The word Savage is used as Noun, Adjective, and Verb. Its basic meaning is aggressive and violent.
As a noun, it means a cruel and violent person. As an adjective, it  means cruel and violent when is used for a person; when it is used for animal, it means wild and brutal, such as savage dog. As a verb, it means to attack somebody violently or to criticize somebody severely.
  1. Osama was a savage.
  2. The savage dog has killed many person.
  3. Many people savaged her because she wrote against God.

The word ravage is used as a noun or verb meaning destruction or to destroy.
  1. Ravan ravaged the life of goddess Sita.
  2. America have ravaged most of the muslim countries.

Differences between Savage and Ravage:

As a Noun
  • Savage means a cruel and violent person.
  • Ravage means devastation or destruction.
As a verb
  • Savage means to attack somebody violently or  to criticize somebody severely.
  • Ravage means to destroy or ruin something or someplace completely.

The mnemonic is not to remember the meaning of the words but to remember the differences between the words. 
Since there is "S" in Savage, we should try to relate the word with Someone as Savage must be Someone;  It helps you to memorize that Savage must be Someone whether it is a person or an animal that must be cruel and violent and that tends to attack.
Savages can Ravage our society.

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