Desert vs Dessert vs Dissert

Desert vs Dessert vs Dissert
One can easily get messed up with these words if one has no sense about these words.


    Desert (N/V)

    • a large area of land has very little water and very few plants growing on it
    • as a verb, it means to leave somebody without help or support
    1. Ram Rahim deserted Honeypreet.
    2. Many top leaders deserted the congress party.

    Dessert (N)

    • sweet food eaten at the end of a meal
    1. I like chocolate for dessert.
    2. Rasgulla (Indian sweet) will be served for dessert.

    Mind Trick
    The word Dessert with one extra "S" connotes "sweet". An extra "S" in Dessert may help you remember the meaning of the word, whenever you see the word desert or dessert, keep your eyes at the "s"; if the the word has double ''s'', it means it is related to something sweet.

    Here is one more Dissert (V)

    • The word Dissert is verb form of noun Dissertation. The word "dissert" is very old and is no more in use.
    • It means to write, discuss, or speak at length on a particular subject.
    1.  Our leaders can dissert on any topics.

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