Moral vs Morale, Tortuous vs Torturous, Parlay vs Parley

Moral vs Morale     Tortuous vs Torturous             Parlay vs Parley
In English language, there are many words that look almost same, it makes one difficult to recognise them. Here we bring you three pairs of such words. 
Moral vs Morale

    Moral (N/Adj.)
  • Concerned with principles of right and wrong behaviour
  • standards or principles of good beahaviour
  • a practical lesson that a story, an event or an experience teaches you
  1. The newspaper should raise only moral issues.
  2. Young people these days have no morals for their olders. 
  3. The moral of the story is that we should never tell a lie.

    Morale  (N)
  • the amount of confidence and enthusiasm, etc. that a person or a group has at a particular time to finish a task or job.
  1. The Indian cricket time should play with high morale.
  2. Government employees have very low morale.

Mind Trick
The word Morale with an e is related with enthusiasm and energy that a person or a group needs. Always try to connect the last e of the word Morale with energy and enthusiasm.

Tortuous vs Torturous

    Tortuous  (Adj.)
  • full of bends
  • not simple and direct; long, complicated and difficult to understand.
  1. Mountain ranges are very tortuous. 

    Torturous (Adj.)
  • extremely painful
  1. Studying is a very torturous work.

Mind trick
Torturous is the adjective form of Torture.

Parlay vs Parley

    Parlay (N/V)
  • to use or develop something such as money or a skill to make it more successful or worth more
  1. He has parlayed one lakh into share market to earn more lakhs.
  • a bet or gamble an original amount and its winnings on a subsequent game, race, contest, etc.
  1. A true gambler always places parlay on subsequent game.

    Parley  (N/V)
  • to talk or discuss something with somebody to solve a disagreement
  • a discussion between enemies or people who disagree, in order to try and find a way of solving a problem
  1. India should parley with China over border issues.
  2. Pakistan will never conduct a parley over POK.

Mind Trick
One can easily connect the word "Parley" with the word "enemy" as both the words have letter e meaning a meeting between two enemies.

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