Are you tasty or testy ?

Tasty or Testy

Are you tasty or testy ?
This question may sound offensive to a female, because sometimes and some men not all men use the word tasty for sexually attractive women.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Tasty (Adj.)

Tasty is an an adjective from noun taste it means having a strong and pleasant flavour.
tasty food,tasty pizza, tasty mango, etc.

Testy (Adj.)

Testy means easily annoyed or irritated; a testy man can easily became angry.
Lalu's sons are very testy with the media.
Old men are testy.

Mind Trick:
Relate the word Testy with Test. "Tests are always annoying; we became irritated or testy because of Tests." Always relate the word testy with test, and you can easily memorize the meaning of the word Testy.  "If test irritate you, you are testy with test."

 In a nutshell
Be aware of a and e in the word: tasty and testy respectively. If you displaced the words, you would totally change the meaning of a sentence.

Use over time for: tasty, testy

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