Regard vs Regards With Mnemonic

                 Regard vs Regards


As a verb, Regard means "to think about somebody/something in a particular way, to look at somebody/something in a particular way" .(according to Oxford)
Narendra Modi is highly regarded by the people of India. (have high opinion of him among the people of India)

Trump regards Modi as a friend. (consider Modi as a friend)

As a noun, Regard means "care or concern for someone or something, respect or admiration for somebody". (according to Oxford)
Pakistan has no regard for India. (doesn't care about India)


But Regards (with extra "s") in a plural form means good wishes; it is used to send good wishes to somebody at the end of a letter.

Such as, With kind regards, Yours..
               Send them my regards, .......
               Give my regards to my mother, etc.

Mind Trick
 We have very simple mnemonic for Regards. Just think about last "s" and connect this "s" with the word wishes, as it has also a "s" at the last. This way you can memorize the difference between Regard and Regards.

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