Some time, Sometime, Sometimes

Some time or Sometime or Sometimes

Most of the students, oftentimes, don't know how to use these words correctly. The reason is they don't try to gain proper meaning of these words. In this post we shall know the meaning and usages of these words.                                                                                 

Some time

Some time means an indefinite period or time, as some means not definite.
You can take some time to solve this equation.
Salman Khan needs some time to prove himself.
Some time ago, Modi reached India.

Sometime (Adv./Adj.)

As an adverb, Sometime means unspecified point in time. It doesn't tell when or which time.
We shall go there together sometime.
I must meet Salman Khan sometime.

As an adjective, Sometime is used to refer to what somebody used to be or what somebody does occasionally.
I am a sometime writer. (write occasionally)
A sometime accountant. (Used to be a accountant but not now)

Sometimes (Adv.)

Sometimes is an adverb. It means occasionally rather than all of the time; it means now and then, on certain occasions or in certain cases.
Sometimes I read novel. (occasionally)
We all make mistakes sometimes. (not all of the time)
She sometimes writes letter to me. (now and then)

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