Confusing pairs: in time vs on time, in the way vs on the way, and more.

in time vs on time                 in the beginning vs at the beginning                  in the end vs at the end                                      in the way vs on the way

in time vs on time

    in time 
  • early enough; not late
  • with enough time to be able to do something
  1. PM comes to the office in time.
  2. The ambulance should come in time to save life.

    on time 
  • punctually; at the correct moment
  1. You should try to be there on time.
  2. They have to pay all the dues on time.

in the beginning vs at the beginning

    in the beginning
  • at first and suggests a contrast with a later situation means at first, then and then next...
  1. In the beginning, our firm was very small and then start to rise.
  2. In the beginning you just write and then start editing it.

    at the beginning
  • time and place when something begins
  1. We are going to Japan at the beginning of July.
  2. A poem was recited at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

in the end vs at the end

    in the end
  • finally; after a long period of time or series of events
  1. Dhoni tried various jobs and in the end became a cricketer.
  2. I tried many times but succeeded in the end.
    at the end
  • tell about the position of something or somebody
  • similar to "in the end" meaning everything is considered
  1. There must be a ladies only compartment at the end of the train. (tell about the position, i.e, end)
  2. At the end, the moral of story is Slow and Steady wins the race. (everything is considered)

in the way vs on the way

in the way
  • blocking the way
  1. You are coming in my way. (you are blocking me)
  2. His head was in the way of my view.
in a way means manner (Not "the")

    on the way
  • on a journey
  • the route, direction or path to somewhere
  1. Cinema hall is on the way home. (on my home route)
  2. My friends and I are on the way.

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