Desperate vs Disparate

I am Desperate because I am Disparate

Desperate (Adj.)
  • having little hope of success
  • feeling or showing that you have little hope and are ready to do anything without worrying  about danger 
  • something in extremely serious 
  1. I heard a desperate sound.
  2. He felt desperate when he had failed in exams.
Disparate (Adj.)
  • things that are very different from each other
  • made up of parts or people that are very different from each other
  • fundamentally different or distinct in quality 
  1. The aim was to bring disparate information sources into one database.
  2. Bring the disparate things into the house.

Mind Tricks:-
Disparate comes from Latin prefix Dis - "apart" and par means "equal, same", meaning apart from same, equal. 
More words on "dis" prefix-
  1. disappeared
  2. dispute
  3. disorder
  4. dis-able
For spelling, We are going to use the word separate for Disparate - Dis +separate.

Desperate comes from Latin as de- "down or down from" + sperare- "to hope" meaning down from hope.  
More words on prefix De are - 
  1. deprived
  2. despair
  3. dejected
  4. description
  5. describes
Spelling Confusion:-
-> Desperate
-> Disparate - Use the word separate for memorizing right spelling of Disparate.

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