Affect vs Effect. Learn with Mind Trick

Affect or Effect. The most confusing things in these words are that they are not only  almost spelled in the same manner but they have almost the same meaning also. And the most perplexing thing: you can't guess which one is noun, and which one is verb. Here in this post we talk about all confusions regarding these two words.

Quick Look

Affect can be both a noun or a verb.
  • As a noun, affect means 'emotion: a state of mind'; 'an emotion attached to an idea or thing'.
  • As a verb, affect means 'to influence' or 'to bring a change upon'.
Effect can also be both a noun or a verb.
  • As a noun, effect has two meanings: the most common is 'a result, or change', and second is 'an influence'.
  • As a verb, effect means 'to bring something into existence, bring about or cause'. In plural, effects imply 'possessions'.
The verb affect and the noun effect are used in the similar contexts; affect means to influence, to bring change upon someone or something, and effect, a change, or result.

    What is the meaning of Affect?

    Affect is a verb. It means to bring or produce a change in somebody or something. For example, The news of her death affected him very badly.
    There are lots of definitions of affect in dictionary; however, in brief, they all mean to influence or raise some changes in a living thing or non-living thing.

    What is the meaning of Effect?

    Effect is a noun. It means a result, an influence or an outcome that is created by someone deliberately, for example special effects in a movie, fonts effects in a piece of writing, lighting effects in a place, etc.
    Oxford says, "Effect can also be used as a verb". 

    Affect vs Effect in sentence from news paper:
    Models project that this effect will worsen as the climate continues to warm. (
    Athletics: Khris Davis left for a pinch-hitter in the fifth inning due to lingering effects of a hip contusion he suffered Sunday in Pittsburgh. (
    The Commerce Department started its investigation in May 2018 at Trump’s request to determine the effects of imports on national security. (
    The shots pierced his abdomen and affected vital organs. (
    And the problem affects almost all the islands and mainland beaches in the Caribbean to an extent. (

    Affect and Effect in a sentence together:
    1. The high price of drug may affect an effect on many patients.
    2. PubG effects affected many children.
    3. Avenger: Endgame's special effects affect many viewers, which is why the movie became highest earner.

    Here is the confusing part:

    Affect as a verb and Effect as a noun.
    Now we illustrate them:
    Sonu fired on Monu. The bullet affected Monu's body.
    Bullet does an action.  The effect is that Monu's body falls on the ground.
    Effect can be both a noun and a verb as well.
     As a verb, it means 'to bring into existence', or 'make something happen'.  
    • Hot weather effects the cloud and rain. It means "Hot weather brings the cloud and rain into existence."
    Saying Hot weather affects the cloud is a different thing. It means hot weather bring a change in the cloud that is already present in the sky.

    Mind Trick: Affect vs Effect trick

    With the help of the word Avenge,we can easily recognize which word is noun or which is verb. For this we must have to  remember the word Avenge. Now use it- A for Affect, V for Verb means Affect is a verb; E for Effect, N for Noun means Effect is a noun and ge is an extra. (AVENge)
    With the word AVENge, we can recall Affect is a Verb and Effect is a Noun.
    "The action is affect; the end result is an effect."  

    According to the Oxford-

    Effect is also a verb but quite rare and formal in use. As a verb, effect means to achieve or produce. 
    Eric Patridge says: 
    Effect as a verb means 'to bring about', 'to accomplish'; 
    Affect as a verb means 'to produce an effect on'. 

    Final Tips:
    Always use affect as a verb, and effect as a noun. Effect as a noun is in common usage. Effect as a verb is not used. You can use verb impact as a verb in place of effect.

    Some questions regarding "affect vs effect" on the Web:

    Is affected or is effected?

    Both are correct; effect can also be used as a verb. The usages of effect as a verb is very rare and formal, but it is true that effect can be used as a verb. 

    Did cold affect or effect you?

    "Did cold affect you?" is the correct grammatical sentence. As both of the words can be used as verb, but affect as a verb is used on a large scale, whereas effect as a verb is rare and very formal.

    Will go into affect or effect?

    The correct phrase is go into effect.
    According to Collins, If you put, bring, or carry a plan or idea into effect, you cause it to happen in practice, for example the rules may have been put into effect in 1990.

    Will take effect or take affect?

    The correct phrase is take effect, as we know affect is a verb and two verbs can't make a phrase.
    According to Collins, If a law or policy takes effect or comes into effect at a particular time, it officially begins to apply or be valid from that time. If it remains in effect, it still applies or is still valid.

    What is the difference between affect and emotion?

    They are neither synonym nor antonym; they is no connection between them in their meaning.
    The basic meaning of affect is to produce or bring some changes in someone or something. However, affect can be use in different contexts. Affect is used to show  emotion of a person in different situation.
    Dictionary says, If something or someone affects you, they make you feel a strong emotion, especially sadness or pity, for example Divorce affected him deeply. 

    Will remain in effect meaning?

    If something remains in effect, it means it still applies or is still valid, for example The decision was taken yesterday and will remain in effect until further government instructions.

    When to use affect and effect correctly?

    Affect is used as a verb and effect is used as a noun.

    Is it had no effect or no affect?

    The correct pattern is "It had no effect."

    Affect vs Effect Quiz:

    1. The new could adversely............... affect/effect her chances of becoming the next president.

    2. The defeat had a terrible................. affect/effect on the team's spirits.

    3. The country was...................... affected/effected by his deaths.

    4. The disease can ....................... affect/effect your muscles.

    5. The ....................... affects/effects of the drug soon wore off.

    6. He ..................... affected/effected a French accent.

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