One Word Substitutions -3

More like a woman than a man in manners and habits| Handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read |To play the part of , and function as , some other person| Not easily pleased by anything| To die without having made a will| Murder of a brother or sister| and more.....                                                                                                                                                                            

More like a woman than a man in manners and habits

Ans:- Effeminate
Mind Trick:-
Word Effeminate origins from Ex means expressing a change of state and Femina means Woman.

Handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read

Ans:- Illegible (Anto.- Legible)
Mind Trick:-
Il for not and Legible means clear writing.

To play the part of, and function as, some other person 

Ans:- Impersonate
Mind Trick:-
Word impersonate from two words im(in) + persona, In means into and Latin persona means person, behaving like other person.

Not easily pleased by anything

Ans:- Fastidious
Mind Trick:-
Fastidious looks like two words Fast + Tedious. Fast means completely and Tedious means boring. So someone, who is completely boring, is not easily pleased by anything.

To die without having made a will

Ans:- Intestate
Mind Trick:-
Word Intestate origins from two words i.e in + testatus. In means not and Testatus means testified or witness. Not testified is Intestate.

One who enjoys inflicting pain on himself / The enjoyment of something that most people would find unpleasant or painful

Ans:- Masochist
Mind Trick:-

Murder of a brother or sister

Ans:- Fratricide
Mind Trick:-
Fratricide from two Latin words i.e. Frater meaning brother and cide means to kill.

A study of sounds is known as 

Ans:- Phonetics
Mind Trick:-
Phone means producing sounds.

To reduce to nothing / To state officially that something is no longer legally valid

Ans:- Annul
Mind Trick:-
Annul from ad + Null, Ad means to and Null means Zero. Towards the Zero. 

An obviously true or hackneyed statement

Ans:- Truism
Mind Trick:-
Truism comes from word True.

Words inscribed on a tom 

Ans:- Epitaph
Mind Trick:-
Epitaph comes from Greek word epi- "upon" and taphos "tomb".  

The act of producing beautiful hand-writing using a brush or a special 

Ans:- Calligraphy
Mind Trick:-
Calligraphy from Greek word Kallos meaning beauty and graphein means write.

A word composed of the first letters of words in a phrase 

Ans:- Acronym
Mind Trick:-
Word Acronym comes acro means “tip(tip means The highest or extreme point of something) and nym means “name”. AIDS is an acronym for 'acquired  immune deficiency syndrome'.

A person of obscure position who has gained wealth

Ans:- Parvenu
Mind Trick:-
Divide the word Parvenu into Parwaz and Venugopal.  Parwaz and Venugopal reddy have suddenly risen to a higher economic status but have not gained social acceptance of others in that class.

Science of human mind and behaviour

Ans:- Psychology
Mind Trick:-
Psycho refers to mental and logy for study.

A set of three related works by the same author (books, films etc..)

Ans:- Trilogy
Mind Trick:-
Tri means three.

The study or practice of dancing or composing ballets

Ans:- Choreography

Having juicy or fleshy and thick tissues

Ans:- Succulent
Mind Trick:-
Word Succulent sounds like Suck. Suck the succulent  fruits or plant.

One who thinks or speaks too much of himself

Ans:- Egotist
Mind Trick:-
Egotist origins from word Ego.

A exact copy of handwriting or a picture produced by a machine

Ans:- Facsimile
Mind Trick:-
Word Facsimile looks like Face and Similar. Face similar is facsimile.

A place where birds are kept

Ans:- Aviary 
Mind Trick:-
Aviary comes from Latin Avis meaning Bird.   

That which has a double meaning 

Ans:- Ambiguous
Mind Trick:-
Ambiguous from Latin word ambi meaning both ways and agere meaning to drive + adjective suffix ous.

Incapable of making errors

Ans:- Infallible
Mind Trick:-
Infallible from Latin In means not + fallere means deceive.

Governed by a sense of duty

Ans:- Conscientious
Mind Trick:-
Conscientious origins from Latin word Con + Scir. Con means with and scire means know/sense.

The depository where state records and documents are preserved

Ans:- Archive  [ahr-kahyv]

That is not longer fashionable or in use
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Ans:- Obsolete
Mind Trick:-
Obsolete sounds liks Oppsss! So late. Oppsss! So late, this is out of fashion now.

Murder of a king

Ans:- Regicide
Mind Trick:-
Regicide from Latin word Reg - King + Cide - to kill.

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