Words For SSC exams- 6

GARRULOUS      TINSEL        LABYRINTH      CORDIAL          INSTINCTIVE                   VENIAL         PARSIMONY           TRIBULATION       LUNACY          OBTUSE

GARRULOUS  (Adj.)  [gar-uh-luhs]
  • talking a lot, especially about unimportant things

Noun:- Garrulity, Garrulousness
Adverb:- Garrulously
Mind Tricks:-
Garrulous sounds like Girls. Girls talk a lot.
Garrulous sounds like Gorilla. Gorilla talks to each others without any sense.

TINSEL (N/V)  [tin-suhl]

  • strips of shiny material like metal, used as decorations
  • impart a cheap brightness to
Adjective:- Tinselly, Tinseled
Mind Tricks:-
Shiny things made up of tin (cheap metal) is called Tinsel.

LABYRINTH (N)  [lab-uh-rinth]
  • a complicated series of paths, which it is difficult to find your way through
Adjective:- Labyrinthine, Labyrinthian
Mind Tricks:-

Labyrinth looks like Baby run in the.Baby runs in the crowd so it is difficult to find his way through. 
Baby runs in the Labyrinth.

CORDIAL (N/Adj.) [kawr-dee-uhl]
  • pleasant and friendly
  • sweet fruit-flavoured soft drink
Noun:- Cordiality
Adverb:- cordially
Mind Tricks:-
Word Cordial sounds like Car Deal. In car deal, you have to be cordial or pleasant and friendly.

INSTINCTIVE (Adj.) [in-stingk-tiv]
  • without thinking, unthinking
  • self-generated thinking (offering help to someone without thinking)
Noun:- Instinct, Instinctiveness
Adverb:- Instinctively

Mind Tricks:-
Instinctive looks like Instantaneous. Instantaneous thinking is Instinctive.

VENIAL  (Adj.) [vee-nee-uhl]
  • (of a sin or mistake) not very serious and therefore able to be forgiven
Noun:- Veniality, Venialness
Adverb:- Venially
Mind Tricks:-
Venial and Trivial both words end in "ial". Trivial means not serious.

PARSIMONY    (N) [pahr-suh-moh-nee]
  • unwilling to spend money
Adjective:- Parsimonious
Mind Tricks:-
Parsimony looks like Purse + Money. Purse without money is Parsimony.
Purse mein no money parsimony. (Hindi)

TRIBULATION (N)  [trib-yuh-ley-shuhn]
  • great trouble or suffering
Verb:- Tribulate
Mind Tricks:-
Word Tribulation comes from a device Tribulum.
Tribulum is a heavy board to which sharp pieces of iron are affixed. It is used to threshing grain and cutting the straw . A lot of weight , pressure and hard work require to run a Tribulum. 

Word Tribulate looks like Tribute. We tribute those people who face great trouble and suffering.

LUNACY (N) [loo-nuh-see]
  • behaviour that is stupid or crazy
  • madness
Adjective:- Lunatic
Mind Tricks:- 
Lunacy comes from Latin Luna meaning moon. People believed that the changes in the moon made people go mad temporarily. - Oxford.

OBTUSE (Adj.)  [uhb-tyoos]
  • slow or unwilling to understand something
  • not sharp

Noun:- Obtuseness, Obtusity

Adverb:- Obtusely
Mind Tricks:-
Obtuse angle is an angle between 90* and 180*.