Foe vs. Enemy vs. Opponent

 Is there any difference between Foe, Enemy, and Opponent ?

Yes, Differences exist between these words. They seem like brothers, but they are not.

Foe is just antonym of friend,  a best friend, who wants to kill you for a reason, is now your foe. 

Enemy is someone who hates you or wants to harm you. Enemy can be literal or metaphorical, like, Fear is you worst enemy.

An opponent is someone who is against you. An opponent can be a person, team, group, etc.

    What is the meaning of Enemy?

    An enemy is someone that want to harm or hate you.
    Anything that wants to harm you is your enemy. It can be a person or a group of people, a country's army, a military force, an object, a bad habit, etc. Even you can be your own enemy if you act in a way that causes harm to yourself.
    • Laziness is our enemy of progress.
    • Pakistan is the enemy of India.
    • Our army has been continuously fighting with enemy.

    What is the meaning of Opponent?

    An opponent is someone that you are playing or fighting against in a game, competition, argument, or any other contest. An opponent may a person, team, group, etc.
    If you are opponent of something you are against of it and tries to stop or change it.
    You are opponent of dowry if you want to stop dowry system.
    If you are opponent of corruption, you take actions against the corrupted people.

    What is the meaning of Foe?

    One that bears a hatred. Someone' foe is their enemy.
    A foe is someone who is not your friend, but used to be  a friend. A feud between two friends make them foe. 

    • Once upon a time, he used to be my best friend, but now he is my foe.

    What is the difference between Enemy, Opponent, and Foe?

    An enemy is one who has never been a friend, but can be a friend; Who always wants to defeat and dominate. 

    A Foe is one who has been a friend, but has become enemy because of any reason. 
    Your best friend becomes your foe because of a girl whom you both love equally. Foe is mostly used in the phrase friend and foe, or friends and foes.

    An opponent is one who is just opposite or on the other side of a war, an argument, a question, any game and so forth. Leaders in government, and leaders in opposition, are opponents of each other.
    A politician's opponents are other politicians who belong to a different party.

    A foe is like a fake friend who deserves more hatred than enemy.
    A foe can never be a friend, but an enemy can be a friend.
    A political or national enemies are often private friends: two best friends who are in political party, one is in government and other is in opposition, which is known as opponent.

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