Edible vs. Eatable


Can we write "edible" in place of ''eatable''?

 There are many things that we should not eat, like snails, (generally, we don't eat snail) but we can eat them are called edible. Oil, mushrooms, snails, fungi are edible things.

Edible means something we can eat that are not poisonous. 

Eatable means something that has good taste, and we most of time eat them.

    What is the meaning of Edible?

    Something that is fit or suitable to eat; safe not poisonous.

    If something is edible, it is safe to eat and not poisonous. We can make poisonous things ,like snake, edible.

    Edible fungi.

    Edible oil. 

    Edible snails.

    What is the meaning of Eatable?

    Eatable means something we generally eat, like fruits, vegetables, and other similar things that we eat daily.

    What is the difference between Edible and Eatable?

     Edible is rather formal, whereas eatable is informal.

    Edible can be used in almost all contexts; it is the only one possible in the sense of "not poisonous".

    Eatable should be reserved for the sense of "good to eat". Eatable tends to means "palatable" that means having a pleasant or acceptable taste.

    If we describe something as edible it means safe to eat without knowing the taste, whereas eatable often describes something that has some variety of flavor.

    A snake is not eatable, but can be edible. Most of the place in China, many people eat snake.

    An edible fungus, if badly cooked may become uneatable.


    Can we use edible and eatable as synonym?

    Yes, they can be used as synonym in a general context. Edible is more formal than eatable.

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