Lightning or Lightening ?

Can you differentiate between Lightning and Lightening?
We often make mistake writing lightening when we should write lightning.

Quick Look

Lightning as a noun means flashes caused by electricity in the sky. Thunder & Lightning
Lightning can also be an adjective, meaning very fast or sudden.
lightning speed.
Lightening is the present participle of the verb "to lighten".

lighten - lightens - lightened - lightening

Lighten is a verb, meaning to reduce or lessen something.

    Be The Lightning
    Even If It's For A Second, Turn The Night Into A Day.

    What is the meaning of Lightning?

    Lightning as a noun is the bright flashes of light that happens during thunderstorms.
    • Our car was hit by lightning.
    As an adjectives it describes things that happen very quickly.
    • Superman flies lightning fast.

    What is the meaning of Lightening?

    Lightening is the present participle of the verb "lighten".
    lighten - lightens - lightened - lightening
    It means to make something bright, light or clear.
    1. Several bulbs turned on to lighten the stage.
    It can be used in many senses as well, such as to make something less heavy, to make someone happy, to make a situation happy, and so forth.
    1. Comedians lighten the atmosphere of party.
    2. I helped my mom lighten the work load.

    What are the differences between Lightning and Lightening?

    There are two basic differences between them:
    First the spelling, one has "e"; one has not.
    Second, lightning is noun and adjective, whereas lightening with "e" is a verb. Lightening is the present participle of verb lighten.

    How to remember the differences Lightning and Lightening.

    Lightning and lightening both come from single word, light.
    Breaking the word Lightning, we find Light + ning. If we look at "ning" it somehow looks like night.
    Lightning = Light + ning; "ning" looks like "night". We see lightning in dark or at night. In this way we can memorize that lightning means bright flashes of light, which we see at night.

    Lightening is a verb form of lighten, so it becomes Light + en, suffix "en" means consisting of; it connotes in, on, onto. 
    Lighten means to bring light in.

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