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  Chasm  Persecute Solitude Stride Maneuver Monotonous Dolorous Adduce Wrangle. 
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    What is the meaning of Chasm ?

    A chasm is a deep crack or divide between two living or non living things. It can be used either literal or figurative sense. 
    A chasm between two Hindu and Muslim.
    A chasm between two blocks of a mountain.

    • It deposited me at the edge of the ocean proper, where the sand bank dropped off into a huge chasm.
    • The chasm reminds us that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy
    Mnemonic for  Chasm: 
    We can memorized Chasm by its pronunciation.
    Chasm pronounces "CA-zum". Ca-zum sounds like cause jump, meaning cause to jump.
    If you found a chasm, it makes you jump.

    What is the meaning of Persecute ?

    It is a verb. It means to treat someone cruelly or unfairly especially because of race or religious or political beliefs.
    It can also be used to mean harass.

    • The persecuted laugh, and the black slave sings to his outraged soul beneath the whip.
    • Jews were persecuted in the former Soviet Union.
    • Feeling persecuted from all sides, the O’Learys eventually sold their property and fled the area.

    Mnemonic for Persecute:
    Persecute comes from two words per meaning through, utterly and sequi (sequel from the same source word) meaning follow. Hence persecute means to follow somebody thoroughly to hunt down.

    If you look at the word persecute, first is per means thoroughly, utterly, completely; next word inside persecute is cut meaning to destroy. Hence persecute means to completely destroy someone.

    What is the meaning of Solitude ?

    Solitude is the state of being alone, especially when you find this peaceful and pleasant. 
    A state of social isolation because of some reason.
    • My solitude seemed complete and the familiar natural sights brought me peace.
    • Throughout the day the solitude remained unbroken by noise, men, tractors or even cattle, and they began to feel still more deeply what they owed to Fiver’s insight.
    • Although I am a gregarious person, I love solitude even more.

    Mnemonic for Solitude:
    Solitude comes from two words: sole and tude (of attitude). Sole means alone and tude of attitude (mindset); solitude means a belief or attitude(mindset) of being alone.

     What is the meaning of Stride ?

    As a verb, it means to walk with long very steps in a direction; walking quickly with a wide step.
    A long step, as a noun. It can also be used to mean "significant progress". 
    • The dust had hardly settled when a large man came striding around back of our wagon.
    •  They made big strides in peace making.
    • The phone rings and his dad strides over to it.
    Mnemonic for Stride:
    Just for mnemonic, divide the word into two part, i.e., st and ride.
    Imagine St as step, and ride suggests fast movement. 
    When you stride, you take steps long and quick as if you are riding.
    Stride is like moving fast with long steps as if you ride on your own steps. 
    Stride = Step + ride

    What is the meaning of Maneuver ?

    As a verb, it means to move or turn skillfully or carefully. If you maneuver something into or out of an dangerous position, you skillfully move out of it. If you maneuver a situation, you change it in a clever and skillful way  so that you can benefit from it.

    As a noun it means a military training exercise.
    It also means a plan, tactics, ploy.
    • To prepare for war, the army is performing/conducting maneuvers.
    • He brilliantly maneuver himself back to power.
    • The pilot maneuvered to avoid tower.

    Mnemonic for Maneuver:
    Maneuver pronounces  "muh-noo-ver". "muh-noo-ver" sounds like man a mover.  This way we can memorize that maneuver means to move cleverly.

    What is the meaning of Monotonous ?

    Monotonous is an adjective. It means dull, repetitious, and boring. Something that is boring because it is always the same. Doing job of 9 to 5 is very monotonous.
    • Mile after mile after mile after mile, and everything became grayer and more monotonous.
    • It was a monotonous job, and Yossarian was disappointed to learn that the lives of enlisted men were only slightly more interesting than the lives of officers.

    Mnemonic for Monotonous:
    Look at the word monotonous: it has on... on... 
    When something goes on and on and on and on and on, the same way, for a long time, that's monotonous. - vocabulary.com
    Monotonous is the combination of two words, i.e., mono and ton. Mono means single, and tone means sound, voice, music, etc. Hence, Monotonous means single sound repeating again and again making it boring.

    What is the meaning of Dolorous ?

    Dolorous is an adjective. It means showing or feeling great sadness. It is used to described showing grief, pain, sadness, etc.
    • Mr. Kelly stood apart and listened to the dolorous sound of her weeping.
    • The mosaics portray Jesus and his human forebears, including Joseph and a dolorous Mother Mary.
    Mnemonic for Dolorous:
    Dolorous (dol-er-uhs) sounds like dollar less. When you are dollar less, you become dolorous
    We can connect Dolorous with dollar less to memorize the word easy.

    What is the meaning of Adduce ?

    Adduce is a verb. It means to provide advance evidence, facts, reasons, etc. in order to explain something or to show that something is true.
    When you adduce something, you offer proof in support of an argument.
    • An evangelical, he argues, adducing scripture, must bring good news to the poor.
    • No matter what excuse I adduce—I am very busy, you are many pages, there are a lot of books—it continues to reproach me.
    Mnemonic for Adduce:
    Look at the word adduce, it has the word add that means to increase.
    Just remember if reduce means to make something less then adduce is just opposite of reduce.

    What is the meaning of Wrangle ?

    It is a noun and verb.
    As a verb it means to argue angrily with someone.
    Aa a noun, it means an argument that is complicated and continues over a long period of time.
    a legal wrangle between Hindus and Muslims over Ram Temple.
    • Boys are wrangling over a girl.
    • Lily managed to wrangle the car from our lying, cheating father.

    Mnemonic for Wrangle:
    Wrangle comes from Low German  word "wrangeln"(wrangen) that means to wrestle, to struggle. 
    Wrong and wring also origin from the same word.
    If you look at the word closely, it has wr + angle. You can connect "wr" to wrong + angle, making it "wrong angle". Angle means point of view. Wrangle is like wrong angle means wrong (not right) point of view about something or someone, that wrong angle brings wrangle.

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