5 Lazy Synonyms and their usages (With tricks)

Idle, Inert, Supine, Passive, Inactive
All these words suggest laziness, but they have different usages. In this post, we will learn about their usage.


    What is the meaning of Lazy ?

    The adjective lazy means unwilling to work; doing as little as possible. 
    You describe someone as a lazy if they don't want to work or make any effort to do anything.
    • Lazy police officers are letting the thief run away.
    • I am being lazy these days.

    What is the meaning of Idle ?

    Idle is a verb and an adjective. 
    As an adjective, it means not working or active. 
    Idle people means people who are unemployed or have no jobs. 
    An idle machine is the machine that is not in use.
    • Our young generation is idle, not working hard.
    • Our machinery is becoming idle day by day because of quarantine.
    Sometimes it also means lazy: an idle man always spends time lying on bed.

    As a verb, it means to spend time doing nothing useful or important.
    If you idle the engine of your car, you run it without moving your car.
    • They found a car idled in traffic.
    • People can be found idling the days of quarantine playing indoor games.

    What is the meaning of Passive ?

    Passive is just opposite of active.
    As an adjective, passive means lacking in energy or will. It implies a docile behavior meaning not taking action but instead let things happen, or not trying to change anything or oppose them.
    • Passive attitude of our government made things easier for our hostile country.
    • People are passive recipients of information from the word around us.
    • I was the passive observer of events.
    As  a noun, passive is a sentence structure. 

    What is the meaning of Inactive ?

    Inactive means not active, in means "not" + active.
    The adjective inactive means not doing anything, or not active. Someone or something that is inactive is not doing anything or is not working.
    • Inactive people suffer higher rates of heart disease.
    • They have been inactive for one months.

    What is the meaning of Inert ?

    Inert comes from in means "not" and ert from art means "skill". 
    Inert means having no will or power(skill) to act or move.
    • He lay inert with half-closed eyes.
    • If you describe something as inert, it is dull and uninteresting.
    • A book can be inert. (it means book is boring)

    What is the meaning of Supine ?

    Lying flat on you back with your face upward is called a supine. Owing to its literal meaning, it figuratively means to be lazy.
    If you describe someone or something as supine, you mean they are lazy, or passive. They are controllable by others.
    • My dog have supine attitude.
    • My lazy son remained supine with eyes opened.

    How do we remember Lazy, Idle, Inert, Supine, Passive, Inactive ?

    Mind Trick:
    Lazy means unwilling to work. If you see the word lazy, it somehow looks like la y (remove z). Lay means to put something down. If you put your body down, you become lazy.

    Idle pronounces like " ahyd-l " (I dull = I am dull). I am dull (stupid), that is why I am Idle (unemployed, or lazy)

    Inert comes from In (not) + ert from art (skill). Hence, inert means not skilled to move; unable to move.
    Inactive comes from in means not + active. Inactive means not active.

    Super + Spine = Supine. Super means above, and spine means backbone. Lying above on backbone means supine.

    What is the difference between Idle, Inert, Supine, Passive, and Inactive.

    Idle is mainly used for people who don't have enough work to do or who are just plain lazy.
    People become idle (unemployed) when they have no work; people become idle (lazy) when they have lots of work.
    As a verb, idle mean to spend time doing nothing.
                     idle a machine means not using it.
                     idle someone or something to cause or make someone or something to stop      

     An inert matter is a dead matter. As Inert comes from In (not) + ert from art (skill). Hence, inert means not skilled to move; unable to move.
    An inert person seems like a dead matter, unwilling to act or move. You being inert when your mother is continuously yelling at you in the morning, and you just behave like I don't care.

    Inactive suggest anything or anyone that is not active.
    An inactive worker is not currently working, or not present at work place; an inactive machine is not in operation; an inactive account is not in use.

    Passive suggests lacking energy or will to react external forces or provocation. 
    Passive implies immobility or lack of normally expected response to an external force or influence and often suggests deliberate submissiveness or self-control.

    "If someone slaps you one cheek, then forward the other."
    Passive resistance is a way of opposing a government or an enemy by peaceful means, often by refusing to obey laws or orders.

    Supine suggests remain lying on bed owing to abjectness, laziness, carelessness toward work. It is applied only to persons. Supine figuratively means laziness because of its literal meaning lying flat on back.
    "It is impossible to remain supine when war threatens."

    More Synonyms:
    Sluggish and Slothful both mean moving, reacting, or working more slowly than normal and in a way that seems lazy. As sluggish, and slothful both sound like slow(lazy); with the help of their pronunciation, you can learn their meaning.

    Indolent is also a synonym of lazy. It means not wanting to work.

    Important points:

    Passive smoking involves breathing in the smoke from other people's cigarettes because you happen to be near them.

    A passive activity involves watching, looking at, or listening to things rather than doing things.

    Passive resistance is a way of opposing the government without using violence especially by refusing to obey laws.

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