Comfort, Console, Solace | You must know their usages

Comfort, Console, Solace
Comfort, console, and solace are used to relief one's pains or sorrow. Let's know them one by one.

    What is the meaning of Comfort?

    Comfort is noun and verb. 
    The noun comfort means being free from any mental or physical pain, relaxed. 
    Comfort can be a things or person that make your life easy and cozy.
    • The suits provides me warmth and comfort in the coldest temperatures.
    • This chair is designed for comfort.
    • My parents were great comforts for me during my difficult time.

    The verb comfort means to make somebody feel happy, better, and calm by doing or saying nice things to them.
    • Mothers did their best to comfort their children.
    • We can comfort ourselves by saying "all is well".

    What is the meaning of Console?

    As a verb, console means to try make someone feel less unhappiness or disappointment. If you console someone who is unhappy about something, you try to make them feel more cheerful.
    • Family members consoled her after her husband died.
    • I consoled myself with the thought that things could be much worse.
    As a noun, console a flat surface which contains all the controls and switches for a machine, a piece of electronic equipment, etc.

    What is the meaning of Solace?

    Solace is feeling of comfort that makes you feel less sad. You may find solace in music. Other may find solace in reading books. Whatever makes you feel less sad is your solace.
    A solace can be something that makes you feel less sad. A source of comfort is solace.
    Company with good people could be a solace for you.
    • I urged him not to seek solace in alcohol.
    • I found solace in helping people.
    • My wife found the friendship with parrots a solace.

    What is the difference between comfort, console, and solace?

    Comfort is less formal, and it has wider range of use than solace and console. On every occasion where you use console and solace, you can use comfort as well. Comfort suggests both mental and physical relief: a relief from trouble, pain, worry, anxiety, etc.
     You provide mental relief by giving positive thoughts, and physical relief by using some medical equipment. You comfort people by saying or doing something nice to them. Doctors comfort people by using medical facilities.

    Console is a formal word. We console people when misfortunes come to them. Console suggests the effort of one person to lessen the grief of another without necessarily using cheer or brightness. It suggests some definite source of relief, like the photo of one's mother consoled one, console oneself by Saint's speech. Console is used when one tries to cover loss by offering something in its place: Her sister tried to console her for losing new born baby by giving her own baby.

    We solace ourselves when we meet with tragedy, loneliness, despondency, dullness, etc. It is not used in sense of mental or physical pain because of sickness, but rather spiritual exhaustion.
    Something or someone can be a solace to somebody: mother, brother, father, friends, or any non-living things can be solace with whom one finds comfort. We seek or find solace in something: we could find solace in reading book, singing song, talking with children, etc. We solace ourselves by watching movies, reading books, playing with children, etc. says:
    If something eases your disappointment or grief, consider it a solace. If you're sad, you might find solace in music or in talking to your friends.

    There is another word condolence:
    Condolence is a sympathy that you feel for somebody when a person in their family or that they know well has died.
    Condolence suggests to enter into the pain or grief of another," to weep or suffer with another.

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