Causal vs Casual. Learn with mind trick

Causal vs Casual
What is a causal relationship? What is a casual relationship?
These two words look so similar that at first glance you become unable to find the correct answer for above questions. No worry, vocabeasy covers every aspect of these words in this post.

What is the meaning of Causal?
Causal is an adjective. It means relating to or showing the cause of something. 
Causal relationship between two things means one thing affects the other thing, or one thing is responsible for causing the other thing, for example poverty causes disease means there is causal relationship between poverty and disease.

Causal in sentence:
  1. CBI found a causal connection between two events.
  2. There is a causal link between poverty and crime.

What is the meaning of Casual?
Casual is an adjective. It has lots of meaning if you check in dictionary. However, in brief, it means temporary, everyday, unconcerned.
  • casual meeting means meet by chance: not planned.
  • casual clothes means not formal.
  • casual work means temporary work, not regular
  • casual worker means one who does not work permanently for a company.
  • a casual friendship means not pukka friendship.

Mind Trick: How to memorize the difference between casual and causal?
I guess that you are aware of the word cause. Causal is the adjective form of cause. The word cause is also responsible for 'because'. The words cause and because say about a reason for something. In this way, you can get the meaning of causal: it means one thing is known to cause another thing, then the first thing is  called causal, for example if poverty is responsible for many bad things; it means poverty is causal.
Casual is very common word, and it is not that hard to memorize.
Always keep in mind Causal is the adjective form of cause.
Pronunciation of Causal and Casual:
Causal is pronounced like "Kaw-zuh l" with more pressure on "kaw".
Casual is pronounced like " Kazh-oo-uhl" with pressure on "kazh". 

What is the difference between Casual and Causal?
Casual means not planned, incidental, temporary, everyday, informal.
  1. We meet at a casual place on a casual day in casual dress.
Causal means relating to cause and effect. It means one causes the other to happen.

Other words relating Causal and Casual :-

Causality(N)- the relationship between something that happens or exits and the thing that causes it.
  1. Scientist found no causality between the events.

Don't confuse with Casualty.
Casualty means a person who is killed or injured in war or in an accident.
  1. They army got heavy casualty.
Causation (N)- the act or process of causing something to happen or exist.
  1. The woman couldn't provide evidence of causation that her man tortured her.
Causative (Adj)- making something happen or exit: causing something; acting as the cause of something.
  1. Speed was a causative factor in the accident.

Questions on the Web:

What is a causal relationship?
A causal relationship means two events, things, or people interlink with each other, for example unemployment and poverty have a causal relationship, because if one increases, other also increases or vice versa.

What is a casual relationship?
A casual relationship means a temporary relation with no commitment. It is based on temporary feelings.

What is the difference between a serious and casual relationship?
In serious relationship, partners are serious: they promise to love each other, they are committed to love , while in casual relationship partners are not serious: there is no promise or love exists here.

What is Casual days?
Casual days are days (such as casual Fridays) when company allows workers to dress in casual clothes.

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