11 Common Errors- myself or me, proved vs. proven, charged of or charged with, guilty for or guilty of

myself vs me || accidently or accidentally|| subject joined with or and nor || prophesy vs prophecy|| proved or proven || ashamed from or ashamed of || believe to or believe in || charged of or charged with|| covered by or covered with|| divided in vs divided into|| guilty for or guilty of ||

Wrong- The car is for myself.    
Right- The car is for me.     
Write me instead of myself. A reflexive pronoun is not used after a preposition. Here "for" is a preposition.

Wrong- I accidently met her in a market.    
Right- I accidentally met her in a market.     
Accidentally is the correct spelling.
Not accidently.

Wrong- My servants or my wife walk with my dogs.    
Right- My servants or my wife walks with my dogs.     
If two subjects are joined by or or nor, the verb should agree with the subject that is closer to it.

Wrong- The prophesy of the saint is true.    
Right- The prophecy of the saint is true.     
The word "prophecy" of "c" is a noun; the word "prophesy" of "s" is a verb.

Wrong- Scientists have proved answer to the problem.    
Right- Scientists have proven answer to the problem.     
Here, we need adjective form of verb "prove".
Proved is a past form of verb prove.
Proven is an adjective form.

Wrong- Boys are ashamed from their act.    
Right- Boys are ashamed of their act.     
Correct form is ashamed of
Don't use ashamed from.
Ashamed means "feeling shame or guilt about something".

Wrong- We should believe to God.    
Right- We should believe in God.     
To believe in means "to have faith in".
To believe (without the in) means "to consider something true": My wife believe everything I say.

Wrong- She was charged of murder.    
Right- She was charged with murder.     
charge somebody with or with doing something means to accuse somebody formally of a crime so that there can be a trial in court.
  • charge of is wrong phrase.
Wrong- The mountains are covered by snow.    
Right- The mountains are covered with/in snow.     
The right way of writing is covered "with" or in". Not "covered by".

Wrong- He divided his birthday cake in four parts.    
Right- He divided his birthday cake into four parts.     
A thing may be divided in half or in two, but more than that (three or four parts) we write "divided into three or four parts"; for two parts, use "in", and for more than two parts, use "into".

Wrong- He was found guilty for corruption.    
Right- He was found guilty of corruption.     
Guilty of is correct.
Don't write guilty for.

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