Aid vs Aide difference, Learn with Mind Trick

 Aid vs. Aide
 Aid and Aide: First is for help and second is for helper.
 "Some quick aids are provided by aides." 
If you don't have any idea what aid and aide mean, you must be confusing now. 

Learn the difference between Aid and Aide with mind tricks

In this post we shall learn about these two words in detail with our unique mind trick that help you memorise the words without any confusions.

Aid (N/V)
According to oxford,
  • Aid as a noun means money, food, etc. that is sent to help countries in difficult situations
  • Aid means the help that you need to perform a particular task
  • Aid may be an object, a machine, etc. that you use to help you do something 
  • As a verb, aid means to help somebody or something to do something, especially by making it easier, to assist
Aid in sentence:
  1. The US government announced it was cutting almost all security aid to the country.
  2. The US currently provides nearly $4 billion in mostly military annual aid to Israel.
  3. This feature is designed to aid inexprienced users.
  4. They were accused of aiding terrorists.

Aide (N)
  • a person who helps another person, especially a politician, in their job
Aide in Sentence:
  1. He was appointed as a presidential aide.
  2. He has also been ribbed for hoarding gummy bears when he worked as an aide to President George W. Bush.
  3. Johnny McEntee, the personal aide who spent more than a year by Trump's side before being fired for online gambling, is now a campaign employee.

Mind Trick:
The only between the two words, aid and aide, is e; with the help of e, we can make the mind trick. Aide = Person who helps. The word Person and Aide both contain a common alphabet that is e.The mind trick helps us to remember that the word aide (of an e) means a person who helps. Mind trick also help in memorising that Aide is a noun, not verb, as aide means a person who helps.
According to
Although the nouns Aid and Aide both have among their meanings "an assisting person," the  spelling Aide is increasingly used for the sense "helper, assistant".
Plural :
Plural of Aid is Aids. Plural of Aide is Aides.
Beware of Aids and AIDS (AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome-an illness which attacks the body's ability to resist infection.)

What is the meaning of aide-de-camp ?
Ans. Aide-de-camp means military aide or help. The word is taken from French, and the first word aide is itself now an English words, which means a helper or assistant. Aides-de-camp is its plural.

What is the meaning of aide-memoire ?
Ans. A photo of your dog refresh your memory of your dog; that photo of the dog is aide-memoire. Aide-memoire is a thing, maybe a book, a photo or many, document, that helps you remember something.

  • to extend, offer, reduce, cut, withdraw, render, provide aid
  • first aid (first aid to the injured)
  • a hearing aid (a small device that fits inside the ear and makes sounds louder, used by people who can't hear well)
  • colloquial: "What is all this in aid of ?"  means what is all this for ?
  • to aid in, with (The army aided in difficult situations.)
  • to aid somebody to do something.
  • a military; presidential; senior aide
  • an aide to 
  • a home health aide
In a nutshell
Aid means to help someone; as a noun Aid may be an object, money, food, machine, etc. that helps someway.
Aid as a noun can mean a person who helps. 
Aide means a person who helps. 
Aide refers to a helper who especially reserves for a higher authority person, like a presidential aide, a military aide, a minister aide, etc.
While aid refers to a helper who can be a general person, not authorised for any special jobs.

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