Adapt vs Adopt. Confused ? Learn with Mind Trick

Adapt vs Adopt
 Both of the words have same prefix that is Ad means to, toward, but they have different suffix: apt and opt. In this post you learn the meaning of apt and opt, along with the mind trick: how to learn the difference between the words.

Learn the meaning of Adapt and Adopt with mind Tricks
Adapt (V)
  • to change yourself or something to make yourself or something suitable according to a situation
Dictionary says:
  • If you adapt to a new situation or adapt yourself to it, you change your ideas or behaviour in order to deal with it successfully.
  • If you adapt something, you change it to make it suitable for a new purpose or situation.
Adapt in Sentence:
  1. People will use their unique abilities to innovate, collaborate and adapt to new situations.
  2. She adapted similar technology to steer a boat, with two straws connected to motors.

Adopt (V)
  • If you adopt something or someone you choose it and make it own legally.
  • The word can be used in many perspectives. A party adopts a candidate in an election; one adopts a particular manner, way of speaking for a occasion, or to impress someone; a family adopt somebody else's child and become its legal parents.
Adopt in Sentence:
  1. Chung, the editor of the literary magazine Catapult, was adopted as a baby by a white family in Oregon.
  2. Children were adopted in less than two years just 17.6 percent of time.
  3. The twins, Hashem and Pasha, were adopted by relatives in Germany.

Mind Trick
Adapt vs Adopt: Adopt = Ad + opt; Ad means "to" and opt, from Latin optare, means "choose".  
In the same way, Adapt = Ad + apt; Ad means "to or toward" and apt, which is a adjective, means "suitable or appropriate"; in brief, adapt means becoming or going to be suitable or appropriate.

What is the meaning of adoptive?
An adoptive parent or family is one that has legally adopted a child, ex- He is may adoptive father.

What Garner Says:
Adapt vs Adopt: These two are occasionally confounded. To adapt something is to modify it for one's own purpose; to adopt something is to accept it wholesale and use it.

What Penguin Dictionary of American English Says:
Adapt vs Adopt: To adapt something is to adjust or change it so as to make it suitable for one's purpose. Hollywood writers often adapt novels to the screen.
 To adopt something is to accept or take it as one's  own-unchanged-as one would adopt a child.
An anchor man who referred to " the platform that the Democrats adapted in Atlanta" chose the wring word. It should have been adopted.

to adapt for, from 
to adapt a novel for television
to adapt a television program from a novel
to adapt to
  • I have to adapt to the situation.
  • Actor adapts his/her fees to a film budget.
to adopt as

In a nutshell
As its etymology says, Use the word adapt when you refer someone or something to becoming suitable for a particular situation.
However, adopt is used to opt something or someone whether it is an abstract thing, any habits, or a child, an animal and make it own.

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