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Affect vs Effect

Affect vs Effect
"The action is affect; 
                 the end result is an effect."                                                                                                        
Affect (V)
  • to produce a change in somebody or something
eg:-Her death affected him deeply.
  • to make somebody become ill or sick
eg:-Mosquito affects your body.
  • to make somebody have strong feeling of sadness
eg:-They were deeply affected by the news of her death.
  • to pretend to be feeling or thinking something
eg:- She affected a calmness she did not feel.

Effect (N)
  • a change that somebody/something causes in somebody/something else
  • the result or impact of something 
  • an outcome
  1. The drug affects an effect.
  2. The new regulations come into effect next month.

Trick for selecting right word- 
Affect or Effect ?
With the help of the word Avenge,we can easily recognise whether it is noun or verb. For this we must have to  remember the word AvengeNow use it- A for Affect, V for Verb means affect is a verb; E for Effect, N for Noun means Effect is a noun and ge is an extra. (AVENge)
With the word AVENge, we can recall Affect is a Verb and Effect is a Noun.

According to the Oxford- Effect is also a verb but quite rare and formal in use. As a verb, effect means to achieve or produce.

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Advice vs Advise- With Mind Tricks

Advice Vs Advice


Advise (V)
  • to tell somebody what you think they should do in a particular situation
  • to give somebody help and information on a subject that you know a lot about
  1. I would strongly advise against going out on your own.
  2. Her mother was away and couldn't advise her.

Advice (N)
  • an opinion or a suggestion about what somebody should do in a particular situation
  1. You need to take legal advice.
  2. Some advice for pregnant women.
  3. I hope I can pass on some useful advice.

Mind Tricks how to learn Advice is a Noun and Advise is a Verb.
Word Advice looks like A device and we know that the word device is a noun. As the word Advice and A device look very similar, we can easily recognize the word Advice as a noun
Since the word Advise comes from Ad means "to, toward"  +  vise from videre or vision means "to see", we can relate the word Advise to the word See. Furthermore, we can notice the word Advise contains some part of word See (Advise+e = See). As the word See is a verb same way Advise is also a verb.
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Words for the way you smile

 BEAM                              SMIRK                     FLEER                                            GRIN                        SIMPER


"I have Many Problems in My Life. But My lips don't know."
-They always Smile.
                                                                          - CHARLIE CHAPLIN

BEAM (V)  [beem]
  • to have a big happy smile on your face smile warmly or brightly
  • express joy through one's facial expression
  • a bright smile
  1. She was positively beaming with pleasure
  2. His face beamed with pleasure.
Another Meaning of Beam:-
  1. a line of light, electric waves
  2. a long piece of wood, metal etc. used to support weight
More Another meaning click here

SMIRK (V/N) [smurk]
  • to smile in a silly or unpleasant way that shows that you are pleased with yourself, know something that other people do not know, etc.
  1. He smirked unpleasantly when we told him the bad news.
  2. She is smirking at you.
One smirk at someone else's unhappiness and misfortune.

FLEER (V) [fleer] 
  • smile in a mocking manner
  • smile in an unkind way and showing that you think somebody or something is ridiculous.
  1. Don't fleer at anybody.
Another meaning of Fleer (N):-
  • someone who flees from a place, danger, etc.
More Another meaning click here

GRIN (V/N) [grin] 
  • to smile widely
  • smile in a way to show the teeth
  1. They grinned with delight when they heard our news.
  2. He was grinning.

SIMPER (N/V) [sim-per]
  • to smile in a silly and annoying way 
  • smile in artificial, foolish and silly manner
  • a silly self conscious smile
  • to smile in an artificial way
  1. He just simpered at me.
You smile unnecessary and artificial to impress someone in front of you - you simper.
----------More words on laughter

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Two different meanings of same word- 16

CORDIAL               UTTER              RAPE          SAW          POUND              LAST                                  RELISH                     RANK             STERN                DEPOSITION

CORDIAL    (N/Adj.)

  • pleasant and friendly
a sweet drink that does not contain alcohol, made from fruit juice
eg.- a glass of cordial

UTTER    (N/Adj.)

  • to make a sound with your voice
  • to say something
used to emphasize how complete something is

RAPE    (N/V)

  • to force somebody to have sex with you when they do not want to by threatening them or using violence
a plant with bright yellow flowers, grown as food for farm animals and for its seeds that used to make oil

SAW    (N/V)

  • Saw is past simple (V2) of SEE
a tool that has a long blade with sharp points along on e of its edges. it is used for cutting wood or metal

POUND    (N/V)

  • the unit of money in the UK and other countries
to hit something or somebody many times, especially in a way that makes a lot of noise
a place where something illegal are kept until their owners claim them

LAST    (N/Adv./V)

  • happening or coming after all other similar things or people 
  • most recent 
a device that is used to repair shoes

a unit of weight equal to 4000 pounds


  • to get great pleasure from something
  • a great pleasure
a cold thick spicy sauce made from fruit and vegetables that have been boiled, that is served with meat, cheese, etc.

RANK     (N/V)

  • the position, especially a high position, that somebody has in a particular organization, society, etc.
having a strong unpleasant smell
eg:- The house was full of the rank smell of urine 
growing too thickly
eg:- an area overgrown rank grass and nettles

STERN  (N/Adj.)

  • serious and often disapproving
  • serious and difficult
the back end of a ship or boat


  • the act of removing somebody or something
formal systematic questioning 
a formal statement, taken from somebody and used in court

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Eligible or Illegible ?

Eligible vs Illegible
What is the difference between Eligible and Illegible ?                                                                                                                     
Eligible (Adj)
  • a person who is eligible for something or to do something, is able to have or do it because they the right qualifications, are the right age, etc
  • qualified for, allowed or worthy of being chosen
  • fit, suitable, right qualifications
  1. I am eligible for the post.
  2. You are above 18 that means eligible to vote in your country.

Illegible (Adj.)
  • difficult or impossible to read
  1. An illegible signature.
  2. An illegible handwriting.                                                                                                                            
How to learn -

Words Eligible and Illegible come from same suffix- Legible from Latin "legere" means to read or to pick.
Now come to word Eligible, eligible comes from e-(short form of "ex") means out + Latin suffix "legere" means to pick. So to pick something out is what we call Eligible.
Same way Illegible comes from Prefix Il means "not" such as Illegal (not legal) + same Latin word legere as in word eligible means to read or to pick.  Il means "not" + Legible means "to read". So something Illigible is not able to read. 
-> Always keep in mind Ex and Il in Eligible and Illegible respectively.

One Word Substitutions -3

More like a woman than a man in manners and habits| Handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read |To play the part of , and function as , some other person| Not easily pleased by anything| To die without having made a will| Murder of a brother or sister| and more.....
More like a woman than a man in manners and habits

Ans:- Effeminate
Mind Trick:-
Word Effeminate origins from Ex means expressing a change of state and Femina means Woman.

Handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read

Ans:- Illegible (Anto.- Legible)
Mind Trick:-
Il for not and Legible means clear writing.

To play the part of, and function as, some other person 

Ans:- Impersonate
Mind Trick:-
Word impersonate from two words im(in) + persona, In means into and Latin persona means person, behaving like other person.

Not easily pleased by anything

Ans:- Fastidious
Mind Trick:-
Fastidious looks like two words Fast + Tedious. Fast means completely and Tedious means boring. So someone, who is completely boring, is not easily pleased by anything.

To die without having made a will

Ans:- Intestate
Mind Trick:-
Word Intestate origins from two words i.e in + testatus. In means not and Testatus means testified or witness. Not testified is Intestate.

One who enjoys inflicting pain on himself / The enjoyment of something that most people would find unpleasant or painful

Ans:- Masochist
Mind Trick:-

Murder of a brother or sister

Ans:- Fratricide
Mind Trick:-
Fratricide from two Latin words i.e. Frater meaning brother and cide means to kill.

A study of sounds is known as 

Ans:- Phonetics
Mind Trick:-
Phone means producing sounds.

To reduce to nothing / To state officially that something is no longer legally valid

Ans:- Annul
Mind Trick:-
Annul from ad + Null, Ad means to and Null means Zero. Towards the Zero. 

An obviously true or hackneyed statement

Ans:- Truism
Mind Trick:-
Truism comes from word True.

Words inscribed on a tom 

Ans:- Epitaph
Mind Trick:-
Epitaph comes from Greek word epi- "upon" and taphos "tomb".  

The act of producing beautiful hand-writing using a brush or a special 

Ans:- Calligraphy
Mind Trick:-
Calligraphy from Greek word Kallos meaning beauty and graphein means write.

A word composed of the first letters of words in a phrase 

Ans:- Acronym
Mind Trick:-
Word Acronym comes acro means “tip(tip means The highest or extreme point of something) and nym means “name”. AIDS is an acronym for 'acquired  immune deficiency syndrome'.

A person of obscure position who has gained wealth

Ans:- Parvenu
Mind Trick:-
Divide the word Parvenu into Parwaz and Venugopal.  Parwaz and Venugopal reddy have suddenly risen to a higher economic status but have not gained social acceptance of others in that class.

Science of human mind and behaviour

Ans:- Psychology
Mind Trick:-
Psycho refers to mental and logy for study.

A set of three related works by the same author (books, films etc..)

Ans:- Trilogy
Mind Trick:-
Tri means three.

The study or practice of dancing or composing ballets

Ans:- Choreography

Having juicy or fleshy and thick tissues

Ans:- Succulent
Mind Trick:-
Word Succulent sounds like Suck. Suck the succulent  fruits or plant.

One who thinks or speaks too much of himself

Ans:- Egotist
Mind Trick:-
Egotist origins from word Ego.

A exact copy of handwriting or a picture produced by a machine

Ans:- Facsimile
Mind Trick:-
Word Facsimile looks like Face and Similar. Face similar is facsimile.

A place where birds are kept

Ans:- Aviary 
Mind Trick:-
Aviary comes from Latin Avis meaning Bird.   

That which has a double meaning 

Ans:- Ambiguous
Mind Trick:-
Ambiguous from Latin word ambi meaning both ways and agere meaning to drive + adjective suffix ous.

Incapable of making errors

Ans:- Infallible
Mind Trick:-
Infallible from Latin In means not + fallere means deceive.

Governed by a sense of duty

Ans:- Conscientious
Mind Trick:-
Conscientious origins from Latin word Con + Scir. Con means with and scire means know/sense.

The depository where state records and documents are preserved

Ans:- Archive  [ahr-kahyv]

That is not longer fashionable or in use

Ans:- Obsolete
Mind Trick:-
Obsolete sounds liks Oppsss! So late. Oppsss! So late, this is out of fashion now.

Murder of a king

Ans:- Regicide
Mind Trick:-
Regicide from Latin word Reg - King + Cide - to kill.

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Words For SSC exams- 6

GARRULOUS      TINSEL        LABYRINTH      CORDIAL          INSTINCTIVE                   VENIAL         PARSIMONY           TRIBULATION       LUNACY          OBTUSE

GARRULOUS  (Adj.)  [gar-uh-luhs]
  • talking a lot, especially about unimportant things

Noun:- Garrulity, Garrulousness
Adverb:- Garrulously
Mind Tricks:-
Garrulous sounds like Girls. Girls talk a lot.
Garrulous sounds like Gorilla. Gorilla talks to each others without any sense.

TINSEL (N/V)  [tin-suhl]

  • strips of shiny material like metal, used as decorations
  • impart a cheap brightness to
Adjective:- Tinselly, Tinseled
Mind Tricks:-
Shiny things made up of tin (cheap metal) is called Tinsel.

LABYRINTH (N)  [lab-uh-rinth]
  • a complicated series of paths, which it is difficult to find your way through
Adjective:- Labyrinthine, Labyrinthian
Mind Tricks:-

Labyrinth looks like Baby run in the.Baby runs in the crowd so it is difficult to find his way through. 
Baby runs in the Labyrinth.

CORDIAL (N/Adj.) [kawr-dee-uhl]
  • pleasant and friendly
  • sweet fruit-flavoured soft drink
Noun:- Cordiality
Adverb:- cordially
Mind Tricks:-
Word Cordial sounds like Car Deal. In car deal, you have to be cordial or pleasant and friendly.

INSTINCTIVE (Adj.) [in-stingk-tiv]
  • without thinking, unthinking
  • self-generated thinking (offering help to someone without thinking)
Noun:- Instinct, Instinctiveness
Adverb:- Instinctively

Mind Tricks:-
Instinctive looks like Instantaneous. Instantaneous thinking is Instinctive.

VENIAL  (Adj.) [vee-nee-uhl]
  • (of a sin or mistake) not very serious and therefore able to be forgiven
Noun:- Veniality, Venialness
Adverb:- Venially
Mind Tricks:-
Venial and Trivial both words end in "ial". Trivial means not serious.

PARSIMONY    (N) [pahr-suh-moh-nee]
  • unwilling to spend money
Adjective:- Parsimonious
Mind Tricks:-
Parsimony looks like Purse + Money. Purse without money is Parsimony.
Purse mein no money parsimony. (Hindi)

TRIBULATION (N)  [trib-yuh-ley-shuhn]
  • great trouble or suffering
Verb:- Tribulate
Mind Tricks:-
Word Tribulation comes from a device Tribulum.
Tribulum is a heavy board to which sharp pieces of iron are affixed. It is used to threshing grain and cutting the straw . A lot of weight , pressure and hard work require to run a Tribulum. 

Word Tribulate looks like Tribute. We tribute those people who face great trouble and suffering.

LUNACY (N) [loo-nuh-see]
  • behaviour that is stupid or crazy
  • madness
Adjective:- Lunatic
Mind Tricks:- 
Lunacy comes from Latin Luna meaning moon. People believed that the changes in the moon made people go mad temporarily. - Oxford.

OBTUSE (Adj.)  [uhb-tyoos]
  • slow or unwilling to understand something
  • not sharp

Noun:- Obtuseness, Obtusity
Adverb:- Obtusely
Mind Tricks:-
Obtuse angle is an angle between 90* and 180*.

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Confused & Misused Words - Haven vs Heaven

Haven Vs Heaven
Haven (N) 
  • a place that provides safety from danger
  • a place that is sage and peaceful where people or animals are protected                                                                                                                                    
Heaven (N)
  • home of God
  • a place of great happiness
In word Haven, there is "a" after H.
In word Heaven, there is "e" after H.

 How to Memorise :-
Word Heaven contains the letter "e", e stands for word "eternal" meaning existing or continuing forever, which relates with God. So word Heaven with the letter e means The Home of God.