Facility vs. Faculty with mnemonic

The word facility and faculty creates confusion when you use them.  These words have many usages that add more parts in our confusion.

Quick Look

The most common difference between facility and faculty:
Facility means natural tendency to do a work easily.
Whereas, faculty means any of mental or physical abilities that a person is born with.

    What is the meaning Facility ?

    Facility is a noun with several different meanings.

    Facility can be buildings, any type of services, equipment, etc. that are provided for a particular purpose.

    • We have a large manufacturing facility (factory).
    • Government should provide us a medical facility (a hospital).

    Facility can be used to mean natural tendency to do a work easily. If you have a facility for something, for example learning a language, you find it easy to do.

    • Our soldiers handled the crisis with facility.

     What is the meaning Faculty ?

    A faculty is all the teaching staff of a university or college.

    • My father is a member of Harvard faculty.
    • The college should hire more faculty.

    A faculty refers to any of mental or physical abilities that a person is born with.
    the faculty of sight
    the faculty of hearing
    • He has lost his mental faculties after a major car accident.
    • She has the faculty of understanding complex equations. 

    What is the difference between Facility and Faculty?

    As both of the words have several different meanings.
    But we often get confused when we use them to refer power or comfort.
    The main difference between them, in short, facility is for comfort while faculty is for power. Facility means skill and ease in doing something. Skills that you make by hard work, it is not natural or inbornWhile Faculty means natural or inborn talent for doing something.
     If you have a facility for doing something, then you can do it easily. Like, if your have facility to travel any part of the world, you can easily travel, for you have been given car, money, private jet, etc. for doing that.

    However, a faculty is inborn ability or power of your mind or body. If you solve maths questions more easily than any other, you have faculty of understanding maths. You have faculty of solving maths question easily means a natural talent for doing that.
    For example, the faculty of speech (easily communicate), mental faculties (ability to think clearly)

     How do you memorize the difference between facility and faculty?

    To memorize the difference, we have to memorize the meanings of these words.
    Facility is a daily-use word. It is easy to memorize, no need of mnemonic here.

    Faculty is very common word in schools, and colleges. However, it is also used to mean power of body or mind.
    Look at the word Faculty, it looks like the combination of F + acuity
    (l in place of i)Acuity means the ability to think, see or hear clearly. With the help of the word acuity, we can easily memorize the meaning of faculty.
    The other way you can memorize the word, faculty. As we know that faculty means all the teachers or stuff of a school or college. They are like power of a school. Losing them, school can't run properly. Losing faculties means losing power, like, losing mental faculties means not being mentally healthy.

    In a nutshell-
    Facility means skill and ease in doing something.
    • He had a great facility for writing.
    While Faculty means natural talent for doing something.
    • He has a faculty for singing song.

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